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Pizza Fresh From The Oven

PIZZA NIGHT... we had our homemade pizza fresh from the oven.  No really homemade, I have to confess.  I bought the pizza pastry from Jaya Jusco, a box with two pieces inside plus a packet of tomato sauce.  But I did not use the paste provided, I used my own bottle of Prego sauce.  The size portion of the pastry is in-between Small and Regular so we need two pieces to feed four grown ups.

As for the fillings, I diced one yellow and red pepper, two big onions, a packet of chicken ham, three cilipadi for some ompph... and a can of pineapple as a side dish.  So simple actually, just spread Prego sauce on the pastry and dumped everything on top, last to go is the mozzarella cheese.  Baked them for 20 minutes and they were good to go!
Our pizza, full to the brim! 
Greedy us!
One spicy and one is not.... 
Into the oven they went.... 
I rotated them after 15 minutes or so...
Next time I should put one by one... 
So that the top and bottom is evenly cooked....
After 20 minutes.... 
See what I mean?  Not so evenly cooked on top.... 
Still got room for improvement... 
Less ingredients next time...
Our quarters for one pizza.... 
Layers and layers of fillings!
Crispy at the side.... 
Best eaten with the sweetened pineapples!


  1. Pineapples sure go well with pizzas. Wah,I see the ingredients you put like mountain on top, so much!

  2. Wow. The topping especially the cheese. Haha. Full to the brim, I agree.

  3. One day I was at a traditional pizza shop in overseas and happened to watch the Mario Man preparing the pizza using his charcoal kiln as oven. He did something different that prompted me to guess his secret method to make the pastry so crispy & nice. He actually baked the plain empty pastry dough inside the oven quite briefly before taking it out. After filling up with the ingredients and cheese, he popped it back to the oven. No wonder so garing and nice. Try it.

  4. The toppings so high...sure very full eating this.

  5. Oh my!!! That looks so good!!! The cheese like a mountain!!! Wish we had Jaya here, can buy pizza crust, so convenient.

  6. Look at those oozing cheese :D

  7. Seriously. I must do this at home! Very soon! LOL!

  8. Pineapples go with pizza sure very appetizing.

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