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Goat Breakfast For Me

EATING LIKE A GOAT AGAIN...  My friend used to joke with me whenever I take salad.  LOL... Besides the greens, this time I added in two hard boiled eggs.  It is not worth the trouble to just boil one egg, might as well put in two to make the fire worth... LOL...  Besides an egg, I also had cut up fruits, kiwi, guava and pear.  Yes, I am very greedy and lazy, I did the whole lot so that it can last me two meals if not one.   After this salad, I think it will be long while when I eat salad again... actually I wanted to but I have to go Jaya Jusco to get the salad, when I think of the hassle, I put it off.... The kiwi is too sour to eat by itself... Never ever buy green kiwi unless it is blended... Two eggs in a bowl of salad....  Seldom have healthy breakfast like this....  Ok, first round of helping....  I must have at least two....  Then the rest will be kept for lunch....  Mostly greens were left... Fruits and eggs were eaten... So I think I eat like a baby goat... not fully grown one

I Called It My Weird Lunch

BUT I LIKE IT...  Saw something I like at the fish stall in the market.... Clams!!  There are only two fish stalls in this dry market here in Canning.  Their prices are slightly higher than those sold in bigger markets but I like coming here because it has less people and cleaner environment.  So their prices is more or less justified, pay a bit more to avoid the crowd.   It has been a long while since I cook this type of clams, they are difficult to find too.  I only come across those heavy black clams which I don't really like, I prefer this type of longish clams.... hahaha. .. do they have a name?  Anyway, I ended up buying RM12, which is slightly more than 500gms.   I couldn't remember how many times I washed them till the water turned clear... Soaked them with salt water too and then when all is ready, I get to cooking them.  Chopped up some garlic, ginger and cilipadi, plucked lots of basil from the garden and all is good to go! Flesh is fresh....  Tasty and Yummy! And t

A Win Win Situation On Food

NOWHERE TO GO... so it will be all about food and more food as usual....  Morning breakfast started off with hard boiled egg instead of half boiled which I rather prefer but due to the hue and cry on salmonella these days, I stick to the former.  Better to cook the eggs longer and at the same time, I had toasted bread with garlic butter.  That was my breakfast this morning before zoom meeting with my cell group members at 10am.   Meeting finished at around 11.30am and around noon, my neighbour came back with my lunch!  These days we have a mutual agreement, like he buys back breakfast or lunch for me and for dinner, I will normally give him a portion IF I am cooking.  LOL....  So far, it is win-win thingy for us... just give and take... compromising and that means I don't have to go out so much. My breakfast this morning....  Very filling! Bearded Chicken thigh and rice for lunch... RM8 I still have some rice for dinner tonight... Tonight menu is Steam Fish and greens....  Vegetari

Homecooked Food At A House Warming Dinner

CONDO-WARMING DINNER.... a couple invited a few of us to go to their condo for dinner.  Homecooked food is anytime better than eating outside and my friend who is a good cook, she whooped up these dishes below without any help.  Her own kids and grandkids plus a few of us, totaling 11 persons.   The below dishes were for 7 of us....  My friend prepared these dishes for the whole family and us... Mushroom ginger with chicken... Fried minced meat with fish paste... Fried eggs with long beans... Cauliflower with fish balls... Homegrown sweet potato leaves... very nicely done! Black vinegar trotter.... Highlight of the dinner!

Stay Safe, Stay Home

IT IS FRIDAY.... and  I did not drive my car out for the whole day, I think I am good today.  My friends suggested going out for dinner and I declined for today... yes, today only... tomorrow I might be driving out again!!  But for today, I think I am a good girl.... LOL...  This morning I blended soursop and had a bun for breakfast.  After that I started scrolling Grab food on my laptop and after many minutes, my decision was Dim Sum from Yuk Fook Moon restaurant.  They have promo code Ramadandeals above RM25 and I ordered 4 items totaling RM21 after discount.  A good deal indeed.  I even have some leftovers for tomorrow...  This set consists of 2 pork dumplings, glutinous rice with chicken, prawn dumplings and steamed pork ribs with yam. Cheaper than eating in the restaurant...  For dinner, I decided to stay home and decided to cook some white porridge.  Nowadays it is quite worrying to go out especially to air con places.... Steamed minced pork with preserved vegetables... Steamed 2

Savings During Pandemic

 I’m sure not many enjoy reading about the current situation where the pandemic is just causing so many problems for everyone. Plus, with cases rising, restrictions are just going to be even tighter and more inconvenient. However, I would like to share a story of a thought I have a couple of months ago. This was when cases were still rather high in numbers and I was planning for my financial future. Between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I considered withdrawing a considerable amount of money from my Employees Provident Fund (EPF) account through the I-Sinar program. My thoughts at that time were something like “This money is mine anyway, I should withdraw some of it and put it to good use”. So, I read up on the application process and the eligibility criteria of the program. There were quite a few restrictions on people who are eligible to withdraw their savings. You have to either prove that you are self-employed and have not contributed to the fund for at least 2 cons

Hainanese French Toast And Noodles For Brunch

AFTER THE LONG WALK OF 5000 STEPS, I went to replenish back the calories lost by eating a good brunch.  The three of us went to an open air coffeeshop along Jalan Osborne to have a tasty and unhealthy meal.... LOL...  The shop is famous for their Hainanese French toast and that was what I love to eat.  By this time there were only three tables occupied and the noodle stalls in front have already closed by then.   A set to share.... RM5.20 I thought the price was RM4.80 the last time I came here...  French toast dipped with kaya...  I asked whether they are selling the Kaya separately... No, they do not sell their kaya...  Hokkien noodles mixed with meehoon....  Portion for two... RM12 Yes, the food was more than enough for us 3 persons....  For dinner, I had vegetable soup with egg...  My meals for the day is completed...   

Walking Under The Sun

CRAZY WALK...  as I called it cos the walk took place at an awkward time, that is around 10 in the morning as this is the time when most people have gone home.  And there I was, together with my friend, both of us went there to walk round and round, sweating under the morning sun getting some sunshine vitamin, D3.... LOL...   With a cap, long sleeve shirt, shorts and dark glasses, I walked 5000 over steps, actually it was not so hot, sheltered by trees mostly in the park.  I forgot how many rounds the walk is, by the time we finished, I was really sweating.  Ahhh... maybe today I can eat a bit more than usual.... LOL...  Looks big, right? Started from this point here...  We walked along the pathway....  Surrounded by trees mostly on this part...  Then leading to a lake....  No turtles today cos no one to feed at this time.... Walked around the lake few times....  Rest area or picnic in the evening....  People like to relax here in the evening....  Sometimes there are activities in this

Meals During Ipoh High Covid Cases

NO FRILLS AND PRESENTATION .... and that sounds like me.  LOL... Just some simple homecooked food cooked during the day and last till dinner.  For the last few days, I ate the same dishes for lunch and dinner.  Cannot afford to be picky at this time since Ipoh is still in the red zone and I try to stay home as much as I possibly could...  Even when I order delivery, I try to refrain from ordering hot soupy dishes... and one day, I ended up ordering a Banh Mi from a Vietnamese restaurant.   This is half of the Special Banh Mi....  I kept the other half for dinner...  Put in the air fryer and the bread will come out crispy... The first time I ate Banh Mi last year, it was very nice.... This time it was not so....  Too little meat fillings and mostly carrots...  And it was cold... maybe they expect me to heat up...  Anyway, I won't order this again... On another day, I cook three dishes....  To last me throughout the day....  Beancurd with minced meat and basil leaves....  Bitter gour

Casual And Fun Games Online

Recently, I have been trying new things to fill my time as the current situation is not really improving, thus limiting the options of things that I can do. Cases have been rising in a few places, with a new wave of infections predicted to be coming in the next few weeks. Armed with a ton of time, I decided to scour the realms of the internet for some interesting things to read or watch. During this adventure, I found a game that I wanted to try for quite a while. I’m not sure if everyone has this same experience, but there is an advertisement on YouTube that shows a game where a player pulls some pins to guide a hero’s escape from a tower. This advertisement shows the player making a ton of bad decisions that cause him to fail. It is just so frustrating to watch. Well, I think the advertisement worked because I clicked on it to download the game and try to beat it. The puzzles in the advertisement didn’t seem too hard. After downloading that game, to my horror, I found out it is tot