Friday, May 21, 2021



This is the most drastic movement order, I started to think of barbed rolls of wire encircling my residence and being "imprisoned" ... my imagination ran wild the moment it was announced that IPOH among few other states are going to be put under Enhanced Movement Control Order.  

When we heard the news last night, phone calls and whatsapp messages coming in continuously... Questions like we going to be distributed food by the government?  My friend even joked about the distribution of two chickens to each house, etc etc.... Should we go out to store up our pantry?  Do we have enough food in the house if we do not go? And the list of questions went on and on.... 

I guess we should not be too "worked-up" or paranoid about food, more importantly, we should be concerned about the safety and abiding to the standard of procedures.  We can still go for online delivery where food, groceries and essentials are concerned... No need to join the crowd in rushing to buy anything in the malls, convenient stores, sundry shops.... Mind safety measures... no crowding please... 

These were received last night.... 
Last minute shopping before EMCO on Saturday....
Even Speed99 were crowded... tin cans all finished... 
Sundry shops were having brisk business too....

This morning we received the SOP for EMCO in Ipoh...
Only one person can go out for essentials...
That is fine... 
So that also means there would be no free chickens after all!


  1. Oh dear!!! I wish we had this here - I bet it will more effective than the half-baked efforts we have here in Sarawak. More and more cases every day and Sibu is always the worst in the state. So pissed off!!!

    Take care there! Stay safe, stay well. stay home!

  2. Wow! The q is so long! Can order from online so it is still ok. Stay safe! 🙏😷

  3. We went through this some time ago. We could not get any toilet paper or paper towels. I am so sorry, Claire! This must be really hard on you, because you are so used to being on the go.

  4. No need to rush or join in the long queue. I think it is just the last minute announcement of sop that causes the panic. Like you said, the word EMCO causes our mind to think of barb wires around our houses. Hope this EMCO will help to bring down the cases.

  5. Goodness me! I am reminded of how it was when MCO 1.0 was implemented back in 2020. It was so crazy at the supermarkets . I was quite worried yesterday and luckily government decided not to lockdown. Phew!

  6. Mad shopping rush!! Wonder we will follow suit or not in Sarawak but no cross district travel, no dine in and limited operating hours are implemented.

  7. all these EMCO and new enhanced SOP are making people panic! sometimes I think our government did not do enough to 'communicate' the expectation to the people and thus causing wild speculation and mad rush in the supermarkets.

  8. No more panic buying in SG since the announcement of HA Phase 2 as compared to the Circuit Breaker period last year.


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