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My Silly Shopping Review

SILLY ME... and embarrassing as well...

Now when I think of it, I also wanted to laugh at myself.... 

With the alarming cases of Covid that spikes up to nearly 7500 cases, I took my friend's advice and bought seven face shields online.  Masking the whole face, more or less.... and the 7 shields came with seven plastic eye frames as well.  It cost around RM1.70 each with free shipping. 

They arrived yesterday and upon opening the parcels, there were 7 sheets of plastic and 7 plastic eye frames separately.  To my astonishment, the plastic shields were so blurry that I could anytime fall if I were to wear them! 
Here ... look at this....
See the difference of of the shield and without?
And I was kind of giddy putting them over my eyes!
So I quickly clicked refund....  
Hey, what is this.. refund money please...
Of course, I didn't write like that in the review...
I just attached two images and told them to improve on the quality...

And almost immediately, the seller messaged back...
Hey Boss, please peel off the layer from the two sides of the plastic....

What?  There's plastic to peel off?
Why am I so *st..p...d*
Indeed there are two sheets to peel off....
And the shield is like....
So So Clear!
I guess the seller must be laughing at this 
Auntie Reanaclaire for the rest of his day!!

Silly me.. that's what I said... 


  1. Yes, I bought two yesterday, RM1.90 each here and yes, my wife told me it would be blurry unless you peel off the plastic. Thank goodness she told me that or I would be another Auntie Reanaclaire. LOL!!!

    Btw, I love that Our Father plaque on the wall, very nice!

  2. So you Already clicked refund. Can cancel the refund request?

    1. Yes, can... the seller rejected... hahahaa..

    2. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. That waa hilarious! So blurr like sotong. Wakakakak

  4. LOLOL!!! My mom also bought some of these shields but she stopped using them, maybe because it feels uncomfortable to wear them.

  5. So funny, Claire! I think i would have done the same thing. Plus, they should have included a not to tell you to peel off the sheets!

  6. are so funny! You might not be the only one, I am sure there are others who were not aware of the plastic lining. LOL!


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