Thursday, June 3, 2021

Tomyam Fish During Last Day Of EMCO

SPICY MODE... so fish curry is cooked... 

I like to use the brand Tean when it comes to cooking assam curry, chicken curry or even Tomyam.  Easy and convenient for me, no pounding whatsoever, I just add more curry leaves, lemongrass and kaffir leaves to enhance the curry paste.  The taste is more on the sourish side, more assam-like than the normal curry. 

My neighbour sang praises to my fish curry before... ahemmm... ahemmm.. and I just have to cook it again... *No compliments, no more cooking*  LOL... This time I used Tomyam paste and with just one dish, my day meal was done.

My ingredients for the fish curry.... 
And after cooking, looks like of messy....
No presentation.... tskk..tskkk....
One bowl for lunch and one for dinner....
EMCO Meal settled for the day!


  1. When it comes to cooking, you reallyknow what you are doing! It looks like from a restaraunt!

  2. Tean? They have that brand here but I've never tried. One of these days perhaps.

  3. Your fish head curry looks so very delicious! Sure you will slowly take your time to clean the meat off the bones. What fish is this? Such a big head.

  4. I like sourish soups like tomyum. But seems like men are not so much into it.

  5. oo....last day of EMCO already? LOL...i have lost sense in time since MCO/EMCO/CMCO....and until when also i don't really bother much coz have been staying home most of the time.

  6. Wah! Nice fish with the big head. I am really missing asam fish!

  7. I want your tom yum fish. Meant to buy Thai dishes yesterday. Tom yum goong and pineapple fried rice, but didnt last minute as too far. Sigh. Need to wait another day to taste Thai food.

  8. Your tomyam fish looks delicious and I am sure tastes delicious too. I have used up all the fish and prawns from my fridge.

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