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My White Elephant

WHITE ELEPHANT.... still laying on my table for two months I think....  

My friend groomer is not free these days, my poor Labby badly needs her hair cut and leaving no choice, I ordered the grooming shaver online.  I thought it would be easy to install the shaver to the appliance and till today, I am still at my wits end on how it is fixed.  My friend gave me a tip... check out the Youtube, she said.  Yeah, how come I did not think of that..... 

But till today, I have not even touched it and my poor furry member will have to wait till this Mama has her right mood to do it.   My own hair also badly needs a hair cut and with the high Covid cases each day, I guess I have to tolerate for another month with my unruly hair..... or perhaps I can make use of this clipper on myself before I use it on my furry member!  LOL.... Crazy me!
Still standing nicely on the table.... 
Still looking at the gadgets.... and not doing anything about them...
I am happy with this dish.... 
Better looking after sprinkling with sesame seeds.... 
One of those days when I am in the cooking mode!


  1. I like the broccoli with prawns better without the sesame seeds but those seeds are good for health, the oil too. That is why the Koreans use them a lot in their cuisine.

    Never mind! My hair is a mess too. Not going anywhere, nobody will don't care lah!!! LOL!!!

  2. hair also need trimming. Me too very sien to install things. I bought a pull up exercise gadget last year. Up till now it is still in the box. LOL!

  3. Broccoli and prawns dish sure is delicious! I also bought two items still in their boxes. 😅 The corn in the soup looks tasty too!

  4. I am not good at installing gadgets too, that is why all the gadgets in my house are all very primitive lol!!

    The broccoli with prawns dish look so tasty and yummy.

    I saw corn soup and what is that third dish?

  5. Yes, the hair can be a big problem! I hope it is not very hot there for poor Labbie! We had to go over a year with no haircuts, our hair was wild!

  6. The sesame seeds did make the difference. Haha.

    Good luck with the hair (fur) grooming.

  7. Poor Labby, she must be feeling terribly uncomfortable and hot in this weather. I too badly need a hair cut but holding on for another few weeks. I couldn't stand the fringe poking my eyes so I took a pair of scissors and trim it shorter. The sides and back will have to wait for my hair dresser.

  8. I am curious whether you could buy fresh prawns from the markets there. I could not find the fresh seafood while I was a student in the East Coast US. I think that's because the ocean is too faraway.


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