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Olive Garden One Day Before Departure

TIME TO LEAVE... My six months of stay in US has finally came to an end.  It is time to pack my bags and go home.  I have mixed emotions, part of me wants to go back to where I belong but a bigger part of me wanted to stay back.  Unfortunately I could not and I have to accept that I need to go home... I know I will miss my love ones, especially the smallest one of them all who has captured my heart for the past six months.  I have seen him grown, from a four months plus baby to 10 plus.  Back to my current post, the day before I left, I suggested going to Olive Garden for Italian food.  This is one of the best restaurants with the best price, of course.  Best price to me means the food is nice and yet cheap.  Endless sourdough buns which comes out fresh and warm, endless soup.... what more could I ask....  For starters, we have fried crispy shrimps.... It was the special for the day... $14 Not endless though... LOL.... Sourdough buns.... Salad is bottomless too.... I forgot the price..

Feeling Good With Shapewear

The weather is terrible these days.  Hazy and hot everywhere in Malaysia, furthermore with the Covid virus looming around, our lives are deeply affected.  Not only that, business, schools, in fact, everything have been so different, no more normal lives as we used to have before.  People prefer to stay indoors to avoid the ugly pollution and most important, to stay safe.  For some who have sensitive health issues, it is advisable to stay home and to avoid going out as much as possible.  Wearing masks is a MUST when we go out.   I take this opportunity to look for some tummy control shorts, something which I avoid wearing now that I am chubby looking. I need to get back into shape, that is why instead of wearing loose shirts, I need a shapewear to encourage me.   And the way I consume my food now, it is making me growing sideways if I am not careful.  I must continue to exercise regularly to sweat out the calories, eating and sitting down most of the time is a No-No.   I never thought I

Shapewear For All Sizes

During this Covid-19 season or Conditional Movement Control Order, I did not go to the shopping malls to walk around like those days.  Now the safest thing to do is to stay home and stay safe.  However that did not deter me from browsing online websites to keep myself occupied with the latest trends and how to look good. Not only me, my friends also log in online to do their groceries, food delivery, shopping for clothing.... nothing can deter us from browsing, right? And the way I consume my food now, it is making me growing sideways if I am not careful.  I must continue to exercise regularly to sweat out the calories, eating and sitting down most of the time is a No-No.  But fret not, I can always get plus sizes dresses for myself if it happens, meanwhile I like to browse these best shapewear exercise outfits, just in case, I have grown sideways with all the food I am consuming each day. Ever heard of Durafits website?  From what I read, the latest trends of the waist trainer is fro

Phil's Fish Market And Eatery, Moss Landing

DAY TRIP TO MOSS LANDING...  I did not know what to expect since I had not been there before.  We took an hour plus drive to this seafood place, it is an open air restaurant whereby you can dine by the sea or inside.  We chose the latter, since it was quite windy in the open air.  With a baby kid, it is best to have some warmth inside the restaurant. Yes, there was already a queue by the time we reached there, it was actually between lunch and dinner and yet, patrons were ready to have their meal.  Though the queue looked long, we could get a place within 10 minutes or so.   Almost the same picture but someone was looking at me when I took these...  Almost reaching the finishing line to enter ... Clam Chowder to start off...  Cioppino... A combination of seafood... Mussels, prawns, crabs, clams...  Eat what the fishermen eat... Dip the bread in the sauce... Yes, I like this... Fried chicken chunks...  And I still prefer the Cioppino compared to this....  Baby enjoying his own food befo

Homemade Ice Kacang In St Jose

THOUGH IT WAS WINTER... we never stopped yearning for desserts and even shaved ice to go along with it. My daughter-in-law is an ice lover!  She even has an ice shaver in her kitchen.  LOL... Anything cold, she is in.  Even in winter where it is cold outside, a cold dessert is always welcomed especially after a warm/hot dinner.  She buys cans of Cincau, aka Grass herbal jelly and store them in the pantry.  And with a few more ingredients, we have our own Ice Kacang in San Jose! Shaved ice beneath....  As toppings we put these....  Pineapple chunks, coco jelly, red beans and crushed peanuts... That is our St Jose Ice Kacang version... Without the milk...   

Online Renewal Of Car Insurance The Easy Way

With a household of three grown up kids, having two cars in the house is a normal sight.  Paying for the maintenance for the cars is another issue, main issue, I would say.  It is not cheap to maintain two cars especially when it comes to insurance annually.  We are advised to buy from the same insurance each year and we have been doing that for the past many years.  However, recently, I get to know that we can get cheaper insurance rates from this website called From what I gather from this Dreamshop website, it is an e-commerce platform that has partnered with to provide consumers with more affordable and alternative insurance solutions for car owners.  With this partnership, we as consumers are able to enjoy 0% interest installment plans for up till 36 months from 10 banks as listed below when we renew our car insurance through What's more, it is so user-friendly that we can just get to receive car insurance quotes

My Trial And Error Cooking Lessons

BREAK RECORD...  in terms of homecooking, I had never cook so frequently in my whole life!  LOL...  From my younger days till the day I retired, I seldom cook at home.  During my years of working, I was blessed with a maid to take care of my kids and household chores.  Yes, I am very thankful for that privilege.... and I remember that helpless feel when they went back for a month holiday.  LOL... Since the day I do not have a maid and that was more than 10 years ago, I am slowly learning how to cook more at home especially during the lockdown period two years ago. For nearly six months in San Jose, I have cooked a number of dishes, mostly simple ones which I kept repeating and recycling... LOL... Never too late to learn how to cook, right?   my kids favourite.... peanut and pork ribs porridge... Now I forget what the black thing is...  how come it is in the porridge??  Oh no, it is century egg, yes! For a moment, I was wondering why I put mushroom in the porridge! Spinach soup with fis

Food During Winter In San Jose

SOMETHING NEW TO ME... and I learn how to cook them from my daughter-in-law....  Now I am back home, I cannot remember the names of these dishes.... Before I forget what I have eaten, I have this need to put these pictures up in my blog before they go permanently deleted in my folder.   Looking back now, we did not eat out much, since everything could be obtained in the supermarkets, it is best to cook these food by ourselves.   We love seafood...  A pot of just prawns, mussels and clams....  The sauce consists of some butter, cajun and chili flakes...  That is all I remember... LOL...  Don't be deceived by the small quantity.... The seafood was very filling! Next comes Korean... pancake with seafood...  I made a mess out of it...  Doesn't taste like what we ate in the Korean restaurant...  LOL...  This is Kimchi soup....  Does not look appetizing now... But on a cold winter night, a hot pot of soup was very satisfying...  Another dish my daughter-in-law made... Rice balls with