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How to Find a Quality House Moving Service in KL

  Not sure how to find a quality house moving service in KL ? We have got your back. House moving often means a new fresh start in life and is indeed something to be looked forward to. However, it might get stressful as it involves many complicated tasks. Since moving personal possessions can be tedious, it is important to find a quality house moving service so that you can have peace of mind when moving.   Factors to Consider When Looking for a Quality House Moving Service: - Quotation Price is key when considering engaging a house moving or lorry rental service. You should get quotations from different companies and compare the prices before you make up your mind. Make sure to not just take the lowest price and ignore the quality of service. - Referrals from People You Know The best and fastest way to know which movers are worth hiring is through referrals from people you know or families. Since they have the first-hand experience of moving, they could even recommend the b

Crabs On Delivery

WE SIMPLY LOVE CRABS... and through my neighbour, I got to know that one shop sells fresh seafood.  Fresh, nice and cheaper than in the market and they only come in around 3pm in the afternoon.  They have fish, squids, sea prawns, clams, cockles and I usually buy clams from them.  Each kilo is RM14, the longish clams aka lala....  On this particular evening, I ordered Crabs from this shop.  If I know how to slaughter them, I would have taken them home.  Each kilo is only RM55 if I buy them but since I have the fear of jabbing their heart, I told the owner to cook them instead.  I ordered 3kg of crabs for RM85 per kg and to be cooked into two different flavours, sweet and sour crabs and "kam heong" style (with basil and chilies)....  Six of us had a crabby dinner that evening... we couldn't finished the spicy ones but we managed to on the following day. Each pot holds 1 1/2 kg of crabs... Thank goodness these are not spicy.... Whereas these are super hot..... But very tast

The Benefits of Installing Awnings in Your Homes or Businesses

Awnings can protect your home from a range of harmful elements. Awnings are a type of roof that stretches over a place to provide shade and protection from rain, wind, and snow. Awnings are commonly found on the windows and doors of houses and businesses. In addition, they protect the interior finishes, reduce air conditioning costs, increase resale value, and provide storm protection. Awnings large enough to cover a large outside area are frequently used by restaurants for outdoor dining, parties, or receptions. An awning is commonly painted with the name, business, and address of a commercial building, functioning as a sign or billboard. Listed below are some of the benefits and consequences of  commercial awnings tampa f l . Read on to learn how to use these structures to protect your home. We hope you find them helpful information.  Reduces air conditioning costs Retractable awnings can significantly reduce the amount of heat in your home, which means you can save money on air cond

How To Save And Spend Wisely

There has been an increase in the number of people getting into financial trouble for the past few years. These are mostly people from age 40 years and below. These people are especially from young working adults who have graduated and have been working for one to two years. Many of these admitted that they have very little understanding or knowledge of basic personal financial management. They all agreed that having an early financial education is necessary. They would be in a better position to manage their personal finances if they had some basic skills on how to manage their finances wisely, such as spending within their means and to be financially prepared for life’s uncertainties without encountering any negative impact on their lives in the future. The benefits of early financial planning. You many think that  financial planning  is troublesome and that you have to give up doing things that you enjoy. If you have your own financial plan in place, you will be able to budget your

Big Brother's Dinner At Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh

SIBLING CAME VISITING.... My brother and his wife came up to Ipoh for a couple of days to attend a special function.  First thing first... they must go to all their favourite food in Ipoh, regardless of their busyness with their business.  LOL... Food is the first in line...  For dinner, the three of us went for a nice dinner at Mun Choong Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurant that serves good quality food since the 1980s... Despite the pandemic and the lockdown, they are still going "strong" in their business.  Walk-in-s is kind of risky, it is better to call up and make reservation even during the day.   Since there were only three of us, we did not order much... just these few dishes and a bowl of soup individually served.  I couldn't find the picture of the soup, I guess I must be too hungry then...  Their Ginger Chicken is not to be missed....  Lots of ginger... yummy! Claypot fish.... Their signature dish.... Big Headed Prawns... And a small portion of frie

Dining IN At Morel Restaurant

TRYING OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME... and there might not be a second time for us... for a long while, I am sure!  LOL...  Since I am now back in Ipoh, my friends suggested going to Morel for western fine dining.  I had not heard of this place before and I am all IN to try out wherever they suggest.  The pandemic is still looming everywhere, so to avoid crowds, we booked the reservation for four at six pm in the evening.  This is the time with the least people.... right? Yes, we were the early birds.... menu came and there was not really a wide selection of choices to choose from.  I ended up taking fish... and now I have forgotten what type of fish, but I do remember the pricing very well.... LOL....  Formerly in SOHO area and now they shifted here to a bungalow at Chung Thye Phin Road....  The ambience is beautiful... I did not take many pictures though....  I couldn't remember the name of the soup already... Just look at the pictures only... ya!  I know this is salmon... We ordered t

"Washing Off My Dust" At WSF 33 Pinji Centrepoint, Ipoh

BACK IN IPOH HOME SWEET HOME.... or should I say, a dusty home?  LOL.... Oh, I must give some credit to my BFF who came few times to clean the house for me when I was away for six months.  Before I came home, she has mopped the basics.... and I am so grateful to her for doing that.  I don't like mopping in my own home less alone mopping in someone's house!  Yes, very grateful otherwise my house would be filled with one inch of dust everywhere.... And all I did was to give a more thorough clean up on the more important as soon as I reached home.  My bedroom!  Cleaned it properly so that I could have a nice comfortable sleep... the rest can wait till the next day... LOL.....  On that evening itself, my buddies came by to pick me up for dinner, so nice of them too... my fridge was practically empty and knowing my hunger, they took me to this new place they discovered recently.  Yes, every dish looks delish to me!  And I want to thank them for "washing dust" upon my arriv

Are Curly Full Lace Wigs Hard To Maintain?

When acquiring a lace wig, most would think that the simplest kind of texture to look after is curly on the other hand, it's the most challenging. By trying to look on the internet for maintenance tips, you will find that curly hair requires additional time to keep than any other kind of texture. This isn't an unexpected because whenever you consult with ladies who have naturally curly hair, whether or not they loosing curls or tight afro curls, they'll agree. However, as with every other human quality, after you have you've become familiar with its characteristics and styling habits, it might be simpler to keep, predict and elegance. Additionally, maintaining this type of unit necessitates the appropriate products to preserve its texture, appearance and durability. Regular upkeep of your curly  full lace wigs  is needed following the first put on. However during its use, it's suggested to purchase hair accessories for example satin caps, conditioners, a large tooth

Perfect Substitution For Latex Gloves For Dental Purposes

Today we're vulnerable to several types of infections and therefore have to take various safeguards. If you're in a profession like what dental professional, you will want to consider special care as you've to stay your hands to your patient's mouth. Thus it's important to put on Gloves that behave as a safety shield against infection. These Gloves can be found in both disposable and non disposable forms. Our finest health issues nowadays is to save ourselves from infections. Therefore we take various safeguards like consuming filtered water, putting on clean clothes washed in antiseptic detergents etc. While doing each one of these, one factor we have a tendency to ignore sometimes from where you can find maximum likelihood of getting infections, i.e our hands. Thus it is crucial that we keep our hands clean, not just before eating but always, as without giving much attention we sometimes place them into our mouth. If you're in a profession where you need to op

First time I Was Taxed...

THERE WERE ONLY A FEW OF US when our bags were scanned at the customs check point before exiting the airport.  I think I have the most luggage, I mean two big giant ones compared to the others who were only having one.  Obviously I was the "outstanding" passenger with two big luggage and after scanning through, I was asked to open the two bags for checking.  Now the scanning machine is very high tech, the custom officer told me that she saw  a Michael Kors handbag inside my suitcase!  Oh no, I told her that it was an old handbag which is really true, I bought it a few years ago and left it in US. Anyway, they were quite friendly, I mean the custom officers, they were just doing their job.  What I am fascinated is that even the brand could be seen through the scanning machine.  That is really high tech! Alright, to cut the story short, I paid a tax of RM150 and was told that I can only purchase RM1000 only for one trip.  Anything above that, I would be taxed 10%.... another th

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

BYE BYE... my six months stay has come to an end... My flight was at 8pm and we reached the airport around 5pm.  It was just forty minutes drive away from our place to San Francisco airport, even if I had forgotten to take something, it won't be too late to make a detour.  LOL... Anyway, nothing was forgotten... I just left a piece of my "heart" behind, literally... LOL...  Actually I came back quite some time already, the conditions were still stringent then.  At the check-in counter, they still need to see my Home Quarantine approval letter; and PCR test certificate apart from the usual passport and ticket.  Thank God, all went smoothly..... and soon it was time to bade farewell to my love ones. Bye... mummy, daddy.... Unfortunately no.... he didn't bring along his passport! Ok, next time then....  Meanwhile... Mar-Mar got to go... Bye! Reached Penang airport via Singapore after a long flight... Since I had Covid in US, I was exempted from home quarantine... And I w