Thursday, May 19, 2022

Big Brother's Dinner At Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh


My brother and his wife came up to Ipoh for a couple of days to attend a special function.  First thing first... they must go to all their favourite food in Ipoh, regardless of their busyness with their business.  LOL... Food is the first in line... 

For dinner, the three of us went for a nice dinner at Mun Choong Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurant that serves good quality food since the 1980s... Despite the pandemic and the lockdown, they are still going "strong" in their business.  Walk-in-s is kind of risky, it is better to call up and make reservation even during the day.  

Since there were only three of us, we did not order much... just these few dishes and a bowl of soup individually served.  I couldn't find the picture of the soup, I guess I must be too hungry then... 

Their Ginger Chicken is not to be missed.... 
Lots of ginger... yummy!
Claypot fish....
Their signature dish.... Big Headed Prawns...
And a small portion of fried rice.... 
Yes, enough for the three of us... 
As for the bill, I am not sure...
Big Brother's treat!


  1. Of course, eating all the food that we miss after back to hometown us in itinerary. Other things could wait. Lol.

  2. Food looks good, like what we had when you treated me to lunch in lpoh, can't remember the name now.

    1. Got it!!! Sin Hup Kee Restaurant along Jalan Leong Sin 2009!

  3. I like the claypot fish! Must be so tasty!

  4. You have one of the cutest Icons!!!!

    Saw it in someone's comments, and just had to tell you. :-)


  5. The Ginger Chicken looks delicious! I would like to see your brother!

  6. big bro so generous to treat u a nice dinner!

  7. Food is also first for me. LOL! What a nice treat from your brother.


Thank you, readers!

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