Sunday, July 24, 2022

Shiki Hototogisu Ramen Before Flying Home

BYE BYE SINGAPORE...  My flight was in the evening around 6pm plus.  

After checking out from the hotel at 1pm, we took a Grab ride to the airport.  Lingered around for a few hours and managed to grab a meal before departing.  

Shiki Hototogisu Ramen is the name, for the three of us, we ordered two bowls.  Good that we just ordered two, when the food arrived, I was thinking how I could finished that big portion of noodles!  
Dry version with braised pork ribs...
Soup ramen with fried chicken... 
Tastes so good!
Silky beancurd to go with the noodles...
And Ready To Fly....
Bye Dears...
See you again some day soon!


  1. Always sad to leave! But the food looks awesome, especially the noodles!

  2. That reminded me of my first bowl of Japanese noodles in the 80's. Of course, I did not know they called it ramen or whatever then - I just pointed to indicate to the people in the little shop in a little lane in Tokyo that I wanted that.
    I got a HUGE bowl of nothing but lots of noodles and lots of soup and thankfully, it was very very nice, all for RM8.00 our money - very expensive by the standard during those days.

  3. Looks delicious! I would need to stuff myself to finish all the noodles but sure looks good.

  4. Noodle looks nice but not easy to pronounce the name of the ramen.


Thank you, readers!

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