Wednesday, October 19, 2022

At Omelette And Waffle Shop For Breakfast

BEFORE EMBARKING ON A CRUISE... we had our breakfast in one of the open air shop near the dock.  Yes, we were going on a cruise, a three nights four days cruising the Pacific Ocean to Mexico.  Just a short cruise and the rate was very reasonable for seniors like me.  The all-included endless meals for two in a room cost around $250.  A very good deal and that is why four of us seniors ended up going for this trip.  One condition is that there must be a senior in one room to qualify for this promo.  Needless to say, all of us were paying the promo rate.  

The place where we had our breakfast....
Omelette And Waffle Shop
Pancakes, anyone?
I ordered this to share....
Egg Benedict...
One is certainly enough for me...
And I had half of this too...
Spinach with eggs and hashed browns... 
The seniors and the juniors before docking....


  1. Oooo...going on a cruise? So nice!!! Have fun! By the way, why did you comment on yesterday's post in my blog? You cannot see today's or you did not refresh?

    I love all the breakfast over in those overseas countries - I always ordered the BIG breakfast! I love Egg Benedict too, love the Hollandaise sauce and the eggs with the runny yolks!

  2. I never to international cruise. Would love to do it once.

  3. You look so relaxed and pretty, Claire! The breakfast looks delicious!! And I have heard the cruises have the best food!

  4. Oh yes, pancake for me please and also the spinack egg omelette and hash brown too.

  5. Wow! So exciting to go on a cruise!

  6. I prefer omelette to eggs Benedict. Enjoy your cruise!


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