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Oceanside Pier And In N Out

LAST DAY ON OUR CITY TOUR... In the evening we walked around the Oceanside town.  It was quite quiet on a weekday, not the most happening place in this area near the beach.  We walked along the Oceanside's pier which is one of the longest over water-pier on the west coast of United States.  I googled, it was about 1954 feet long, stretching it out to the sea.  I think daytime would be a better view of the sea, for me, at least.... I stared out to the sea during the dark and it was kind of frightening, with nothing at both sides. My brother-in-law did not walk along the whole pier, three of us ladies did... and we stumbled along a drunkard lady who was kind of "harassing" us with questions.  We just walked on and she followed suit... we just ignored her and carried on taking pictures and she stood waiting for us.   Quickly we walked back to where my brother-in-law was waiting for us and we told him.  Soon the lady came back and as soon as she saw us with him, she came over

Sightseeing And Food At Oceanside

OCEANSIDE... The name of the place where my sister landed many many years ago and the place where she got "tied down" to an ex-Marine... so this place brought back a lot of sentimental memories to both of them. And so we were taken around the town, listening to their love history and ended in a waterfront seafood restaurant called the Broiler.  I have been here twice, once few years ago and I can still remember the place very well.  Not much changes except this time the company is different.  Oh yes, I enjoyed the food this time round, much better than the first time... and the reason is that I was still adjusting myself to eating western food then, and of course by now, I learn to enjoy the dishes here including the creamy clam chowder!   Our morning breakfast before we checked out from here.... We had hard boiled eggs as clearly shown.... Porridge with chicken and spinach... Bagels with peanut butter... And Fruits! Thumbs UP! And along the waterfront restaurant.... Fish and

Evening At La Jolla Beach

DROVE BACK TO SAN DIEGO after the Hotel Del Coronado... and by then it was almost in the late afternoon.   Getting chilly then... the trip was not over without a visit to La Jolla Beach.  It is a Must, so we were told.  We agreed, the beautiful scenery at the beach was breathtaking and we spent a couple of hours there walking along the beach cove, the sounds of birds and sea lions croaking filled the air.  From one end we walked to the other....  I have a few videos taken but unfortunately they couldn't be uploaded here.....   

Our Stints At Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado

CROSSED THE BRIDGE... and we were in Coronado!   It is a must to go come to this place when in San Diego, Coronado is a California resort city, known for the grand Victorian Hotel del Coronado which opened in 1888.  That is where we went after our simple breakfast we had at our beach cottage.  Three of us helped to cook some chicken porridge and blanched a big plate of spinach... and fruits... So simple that we did not take pictures of them...  Couldn't capture the whole hotel.... Seems this hotel host to celebrities, royalty, US Presidents among them.... Must be pretty expensive to stay here.... We walked around the whole hotel....  Hoping one day we can afford to stay here.... There was a function for that evening... And the clicking of our handphones started at every corner we could get.... The three Asian ladies in Hotel Del Coronado.....  

Along The Pendleton Beach, San Diego

WAKING UP TO SEA BREEZE SOUNDS... and birds chirping happily with one another....  While waiting for the captain to get ready for a short trip, the ladies took as many pictures as possible, along the beach.   Oh, the night before, we had Japanese dinner at a restaurant in the town of San Diego.  My sister told me that this is the town where the Marines hang out.  She should have told us 30 years ago.... LOL... My friend and I agreed on one thing after hearing that... Both of us were 30 years too late to hang out now... LOL...  A small restaurant manned by both husband and wife... The lady is a Japanese.... Appetizers.... We shared our meal.... Pricing is acceptable... Before the food arrived.... The next morning.... We couldn't make it to see the sun rise.... From the place we stood... looking down... We stayed at the little houses up there.... Let's hit the beach.... Oh, before that, we met this cute little girl... In charge of cleaning up the area.... And the rest is random p