Saturday, July 1, 2023

Along The Las Vegas Strip And Thai Food

From Tahiti resort, we took a shuttle bus to the Strip where we spent a few hours walking in and out of some hotels.  Las Vegas has lots of hotels and the the ones along the strip are the ones which attract a lot of tourists like us.  My friend was in awe, taking pictures from left to right, as we walked along and she was one springy "chicken" but not me and my sister anymore.  We were dead tired after a couple of hours...LOL... 

 Met up with my sister's friend who is residing in LV and we had a good lunch at a Thai restaurant.  After the meal, we went back to the resort to rest.  But my friend, who is ever active, decided to go to the strip again in the evening.... but no, not me and my sister, we need our beauty rest... LOL... so my friend took the shuttle bus to town alone and we kept on tagging and reminding her to come back before 10.30pm cos that was the last trip, if she misses the bus, she has to pay a hefty fee to reach the resort. LOL... No worries, she came back on time... anyway, even if she misses, we would have send out our "driver" to pick her up.  LOL... 

Along the Strip in Las Vegas...
At the Thai restaurant...
And the food we ordered....


  1. What gorgeous photos. This is such an exciting place, with so many different wonders.

  2. I would say Las Vegas is truly the world's most beautiful and happiest city to tour around. Even better than Atlantic City! The Vegas energy is so vibrant unlike all the Disneylands I had seen.

    Viva Las Vegas! Jackpot winner 🎰🎰🎰 Claire!!

  3. The food at the Thai restaurant looks more Chinese than Thai to me. Must have cost a bomb, no?

  4. When I was younger, I can go jalan-jalan the whole day. Now cannot. Just a few hours, I surrender. LOL! All the Thai food look very good!

  5. Your friend is really brave to go out alone on her own.

  6. Wah, your friend is really full of energy to go Jalan Jalan on her own

  7. Your friend so brave to go alone in a strange city. Nice photo shots.


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