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Olive Garden For Italian Food

ON LEAVE...  My daughter-in-law took me out for lunch since she was taking two weeks off work.  We went window shopping at the Great Mall, yes... just window shopping cos everything seems to be very expensive, the prices are not within my expectations, no more like even a year ago where the stuff were worth buying.  So window it is, just walking around and then when it came to noon, we had our lunch at Olive Garden within the same vicinity.   The entre in the menu was still pretty much the same, the prices, thankfully, were around there though other places have increased a few dollars or so. As usual, one main dish comes with free soup or salad, we opted for the soup and both of us like Minestrone which could never go wrong with us Asians, no cream, no cheese in it.  LOL... Free cheese stick bread were served and they could be endless if we could finish them all.   One of my favourite spots to visit....  As usual, we were one of the early customers....  I took one helping whereas the y

How I Pass Five Hours At Changi Airport

TWO FLIGHTS IN A DAY... I started flying with SIA in 2019 and ever since, I always go for this airline for my own convenience.  Sometimes there are offers but most times, it is a bit more expensive than other airlines.  I like to take SIA because it stops over in Singapore and after that, all the way to San Francisco direct.  Furthermore, I don't feel so "alien" in Changi airport, after all, we are neighbours, right?  LOL.... My flight from Penang was at 11.50am and I reached the airport around 9.30, I had ample time to check in.  The flight from Penang to Singapore is around 1 hour 25 minutes and by the time I reached Singapore, it was almost 2pm.  I was very hungry by then and I quickly took a skytrain to terminal 1 where the plaze premium lounge is located.   My next flight from Singapore to San Francisco is around 7pm plus, and that is more than 5 hours for me to rest and relax.  I went into the lounge, chose a nice private cubicle to myself, took some food and watche

Brings Back Childhood Memories At Gou Lou Hong Kee, Penang

PACKED MY BIG BAGS AND ONTO NORTH.... again to Penang.  Stayed in Penang for a couple of days before flying off for a 15 hours journey to my son's place in San Jose.   Before I left, I stuffed myself with Penang food again, I went to the Air Itam food hub to try something new.   The Lor Mee Penang style....  Some come with dark sticky gravy but I prefer this style.... I ordered the special with lots of toppings for RM11.... Taste not bad... can order again next time.... The Wok Hei Fried Koay Teow is a must here... RM7.50 Come evening, we explored Campbell Street not knowing what to eat, getting a parking space is a hassle.  To our delight, there was one empty lot just right in front of this shop which we had not tried the food there before.  So might as well.....  We noticed the chairs were blocking the entrance... So ... to go in or not to go.... While we were contemplating, one lady rushed out to open the door for us.... After we entered, she blocked the entrance again...  Seems

Ipoh Famous Nga Choy Kai In Kg Simee

FOOD HUNT FOR DINNER ENDED up at a corner coffee shop in Kampong Simee. The shop is called Sun Heng and together with my neighbour, the three of us went there to have Ipoh's commonly famous for... Steamed Chicken and Bean Sprouts also known as in Cantonese, Nga Choy Kai.   This menu is a familiar sight everywhere in Ipoh, outskirts, in town.... this is so common that I seldom go for them unless it is for the first time.   We went early as usual, only one table was occupied and I heard by 8pm, the owner would close the shop.  I think it was be most likely since I did not see much chicken there on that particular evening.   We ordered half steamed chicken, one plate of bean sprouts, six wanton in soup and two bowls of flat noodles which were very silky and smooth, the soup has the fragrance of the chicken broth.  I certainly would come by again.... no crowds, not a tourist spot for certain! Credit to my neighbour for the photos....  I noticed I photobombed one of his pictures too! Th

Round Table At Master Tai Canteen

RECOMMENDED BY A FRIEND... but her taste is definitely not the same as me... but she did not give a good review though on the table seating though... Four of them went into the Master Tai Canteen and they chose a round table instead of a squarish one.  Then they were told to sit at the square table instead because the round table was meant for five people according to the staff.  That made them unhappy because they prefer round than square.... perhaps the round marble table looks more home feel than a wooden square table?   LOL.... On the other hand, the food made them satisfied so all well ends quite well for them.  Then... my turn came, I went with two other friends to this restaurant.  Upon entering, I noticed only two tables were occupied and I purposely chose the round table for the three of us.  Not really purposely, I just like being on the round table, easier to share the food and eat at the same time.  I was waiting to be accosted to the square table.... but no, the lady was n

Fried Porridge In Ipoh Garden South

ANOTHER PORRIDGE STORY YA!! This time, the porridge is not a familiar sight in Ipoh, in fact, many of my friends have not heard or tasted this before.  The shop is called Chairman Teochew Cuisine, it was recently opened in Ipoh Garden South...I remember the first time my friend and I went in, it was around 11am in the morning.  There was not a single customer in sight and we did a quick U-turn out from the shop.  So bad of us, right?   aaahhhhh..... I forgot about this shop until my foodie neighbour suggested going for fried porridge... huh.. what is that, where?  Don't ask, just follow me..... he said.... My neighbour has been a regular customer to this shop since don't-know-when, in fact, he was initially invited by the owner of the shop himself to initiate the dishes so that he could advertise through the social media.  Yeah, he has so many followers that he is now a renowned and familiar face in the social media.  That is why he often get privileges.... its a win-win situat