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Single mother to three grown up kids, feeling nothing much to do now that they have left the home's nest, the mother is now "engrossed" in her Reanaclaire Blog.  She has three desires....

Food and Traveling... and..... is also open to reviews/guest posts/text links and any other opportunities that is informative.

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  1. Hi there Reana, I came across this blog browsing through the vast internet and I found this a breath of fresh air. I don't know if you will be replying soon but what the heck, just wanted to let you know that. Take care and have a great week ahead! Oh, wait.. yeah, before I sign off.. Do visit my blog at (Currently, having writer's block scrounging around for new tips to post). Looking forward to your ideas and comments, if any. Thanks. :)

    1. Which colour do you like?
      Our favourites are Red,Yellow,Purple and Blue


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