Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthday Girl...

Today is my Loe Yau 48th birthday...we always used to tease her..the big Cheh Cheh..
I was cracking my head what to buy for her, she gave me a very nice blouse for my birthday last November..i like her taste but i know she wont love mine..haha..then came along another buddy, she suggested we buy her a DVD player..hey, that was a good idea since she doesnt hv one and always longing for one...after a good lunchie at Tesco, one chinese restaurant, we went up to survey for the DVD...after going thru a few choices, we finally settle for one which is very compact and cute, cost 98rm..reasonable price..and after testing the player, my buddy planted a kiss on my cheek..haha..i was caught off guarded, i tot she was just 'acting' to kiss, not really planting one.. so i was steadily standing there but when she wanted to plant one on the other buddy, that buddy quickly moved away..haha..its so obscene, she said.. we can be caught for public obscenity..hehe..
well..anyway, we are happy that she is happy too..after all, how many of us here can have a lasting friendship..we know each other since we were we r going to that greatttt???

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  1. That is a long time of being friends. Can be said as "Kum Lan Ji Mui"


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