Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday is is Chinasam..hehe..why? cos my bossie was not around in the office..phew...wwwooooo...yehhhhhh..... just like not having a discipline teacher not lurking around the corner.. i guess discipline teacher is also not that bad like my bossie here.. oops..better not comment too much about her, who knows, one day she might read my blog..and...ouch...i will be kena-ed baik-baik...
Dint enjoy the Chinasam till lunch time cos morning hv to attend a short seminar in my ex office, kind of boring, sneaked out before lunch time, skipped the free lunch there and went to YB Ho's office to meet up with my la...of course.. talked a while with her and then suffered the journey back to my office with my 2 legs...what to transport...
Reaching office, went to canteen with mei mei, she belanja-ed me lunchie, seeing how i hv suffered & endured the hot weather minutes ago..and related to me how she could be 6K richer and i should be eating shark fin soup and abalone instead of enduring a malay lunchie of 2.50... it seems she bought damacai number 6767...and came out first prize is heartbroken she....never mind mei mei, what is yours is yours...what is mine....hahaha..
Ok to summarise up, i was having a relaxing time at the office, watching the livescore badminton and surfing and chatting and having a good tea at 3.30pm with my 2 buddy colleagues in Jalan not to grow fat...tell me... but its blessed to be able to eat and grow fat... huh?

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