Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Monday..

What shall i do with u, Monday? Other than waking up with a headache this morning, it is like another blessed day.. had a good breakfast with mei mei and gugu in a long-forgotten hakka mee shop, i was surprised that the meeseller still remember me, she said, wah, long time nv come ah.. i was caught by surprise.. or was she merely saying this to most of her customers? hmmm.. will never know..
not much work in the office, just updating some odds and ends for 2008, lunchie with mei mei in old town after buying some cny stuff at a wholesale shop in hughlow street..mei mei gave me a tin of love letters and dried minced pork made by herself, so kind of her ...of course i recipocrate her kindness with my 2 packets of special biscuits...haha..tic for tac..
evening comes, played badminton for an hour and as usual, rushed out when it reaches 6.40.. quickly lose and come out..otherwise, game will be prolonged till dontknowwhen..
dinner time, not good happening, had a tiff with daughter and fil..tried to persevere but sorry to say, i cracked a bit, cos of no good fresh food... my fault.. must buy more varieties and those my kids favour...come March, i must remember to cater at least one meal and let my maid cracks her head for dinner...
sigh...not easy bringing up kids, really... how i wish i can be a better mum.. maybe i should go for parenting courses? or seminars like "how to become friends to yr own kids? maybe i ought to put myself in their shoes and feel for aminute, just a minute to be in their bodies and mind at that time...if they cant imagine to be parents, we as parents, can imagine ourselves to be teenagers, after all, we were young once..right???

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