Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leadership or Keeping "Lowship"

Sports day is around the corner... i cant wait for it to be over.. its not that i m the one going for practices, running and puffing, but i seem to be involved when my 3rd precious is...she is so dedicated to her cheerleading team and she ends up doing everything..almost everything..sigh... i didnt know she is so serious in it till yesterday, when i fetched her from school, the first thing i noticed were her face and tearful eyes...after much coaxing, she only managed to tell me bits of here and there..and from the pieces i gathered, she is really stressful about this cheerleading thing.. firstly, we hv to look for the uniform for the 13 girls, from black skirt and red tshirts, pompom papers to nylon stockings...2ndly, she has to arrange their sizes and collect some upfront money, each estimating around 50rm...and today, today, this evening, sigh....she came back to tell me that one 50rm is missing from her pocket...haiyah....what shall i do? instead of paying 50rm, i hv to fork out another missing 50rm...she felt very bad too about losing it, what to do...she has so much on her sleeve, more than she can bear, 3rdly, she has to arrange the formation and all the movements and with 13 girls, i feel it is no joke for her being 14yrs and so petite, how much can she takes...she should dedicate some of the duties to a few others... i really hope this event will not be eating her too much of her....
When i see her down and out, i feel really sorry for her, wish i can do more for her, but what more can i do other than being a driver and getting those attire ready?? it makes me wonder...
is it better for one child to keep a low profile in school (as i was those days) or should one take up challenges and experience some leadership skills the hard way??
anyway, i feel, being a leader or not, one should not be expecting too much about winning or not, it is more on cooperating, blending and clicking with each other that is more important... after all, pride will not pay but humility will...(by the way, am i talking sense??)


  1. Money missing is a very big thing for kids. I remembered I had a similar experience.

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