Sunday, February 3, 2008


For the last few days, me and kids hv been dogsitting a terrier.. Christine, the owner, left for phuket with her whole family.. leaving me with this task..frankly, i hv tried to avoid being one, i know it will need special treatment, really dont hv the time and patience for dogsitting, firstly, need to put inside the house, need to change newspaper inside its cage, need to make sausages for him, needs to wipe her buttocks and her urine each time..(no joke, that was what the owner said) my goodness, where and when i hv time to do all that... she told me easy task..i can only say... its easy being said than done..haha.
I dread the day she brought me the 'duchness'.. anyway, she came during the nite..she was so skinny, my first dinner yet, the owner said..she forgot to bring her sausages, fortunately i hv sausage for dinner? is that all? no rice? how to be full.. my goodness..
ok, first nite, doggy safe and sound in my dining hall...the tough days began on the 2nd maid made a mistake and put it out in the porch cos too noisy, she complained..and aha..the ticks 'invaded' this duchness.. really invaded, u know..whole body my goodness, just in one day.. 3rd day, my nephew bathed him with dog shampoo and ticks medicine..the ticks were pretty stubborn, still sticking on..then 4th day, owner called from KL..said she will send a vet over to my important this duchness is..he came, gave her an injection and now just wait and see..i wait and see, i see only a lot of ticks..i cannot tahan, i squeezed them and quashed them with my nails..ouch by one got thumbed by me..
surely wont end .. still have..but what to do..this is most tedious task..takes time, right? owner is coming to collect at 10pm only 8.15pm..haiyah..anyway, this dogsitter has fed her, now she looks more rounded and nice..shhh...i fed her with rice and chicken..and she walloped till none appeared in her bowl..
the duchness is still singing outside, talking to her fella mates, i guess..when will she ever stop howling and her gossiping???? maybe she needs some attention..ok, i guess this dogsitter hv to work till keep her silent, maybe i feed her with something again..hehehee......shhh....

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  1. Dogsitter...can double up as kid sitter or not.Next time me and hubby go Ipoh send the smallkucing for you to jaga while we go dating can ah..kekeke


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