Friday, February 29, 2008


My prediction for the next American Idol... goes to.... DAVID ARCHULETA!!!

Wow..he is really something, when he croons his slow song, you feel he is singing just for you and you alone...his eyes has a magical touch, his lips...hmmm...even while he is singing, he can still smile through his song (hope u get what i mean) to describe him more, its just too difficult, the only way is to watch the show itself, every thursday, starting from 9.30pm 8TV..(pow wow)

Last nite, he sang "IMAGINE" by the late John Lennon, it was so beautiful and touching, he changed the version and sang his own style...and...he brought tears to this Paula was just awesome and amazing...even Simon Cowell was touched and commented that the other 19 contestants will have a tough time this year...

For your information, David is only 17 and if he goes on singing this way, no setback or flaws, he might be the next American Idol, hope he really will be.......

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