Thursday, March 13, 2008


"Hello Mr. President, its nice to meet I put my hand on your shoulder? I could?.... thank you very much.... I hope you have a nice day ahead... goodbye..."

That was the most memorable day for my 2nd precious ... his unexpected wish came true... at last, he have met up face to face with our infamous Mr. George Bush, the president in one of the most powerful countries in the whole world....

Now...let's assume one day, one fine day, we meet up with our Maker in heaven... Just imagine, what shall we say to Him.. Do we say, Hello God, its nice to see You finally up here... or will we be dumbfold and gape with our mouths open? Speechless?

I used to ask myself, what have I done for Him.... am I doing His works? How many souls did I save for Him? Am I a true ambassadors for our Christ Jesus?

Frankly, I couldnt think of anything great that I have done right for Him.... Except through prayers, I admit I didnt actually do much for our Lord but instead... He has given and done so much for me and my kids.... He is indeed our true God, the giver of our lives...

Lets start to do something for Him... so that we meet up with Him one day, we will have plenty to 'boast' about instead of gaping with our mouths open at our Lord.... :)


  1. haha...the pic brought bec the memory of how i was conned by you but then, indeed, what have we done so far for God? just studies?work?friends? or have we won souls for Him?how much have we done to expand His kingdom?

  2. yup.... i also dunno what have i done! Probably I just ask for forgiveness now, if I see Him. Well,it's time to do something.But, the typical me will always forget and back to my usual self....*sigh* Just being honest!

  3. yea,wht u said indeed is true..what will i say when i meet god one day?hmph...its a good point for us to ponder..well, we must nt waste anymore of our time but instead live faithfully n obey him..reach out to people who doesnt him :)

  4. How wonderful when we meet up one day and we hv so much to tell Him about instead of feeling shy of ourselves...I have a short memory.. haha..i might not be able to remember what I hv done... but I m sure He knows eventhough we cant recall...

  5. Wah! It's like the first time? Yes, it will be like when I was a little boy bringing my report card home... with acceptable results, we have no fear. some red marks is enough to make our souls shake....
    Well, I'm sure we can spread the words of God, share the Gospel... or are we expected to recruit someone? hmmmmmmmmm. smile.

  6. well, its good to spread the good news of Jesus Christ who came to die for us while we were yet sinners... its a free gift for all, so when we hv this salvation gift already, why not share with others as well? just believe and acknowledge Jesus in our lives..that is all it takes...


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