Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No More Sleepless Nights...

There is this verse I want to share, for those who have difficulty sleeping because of our worldly problems, perhaps this message can help and comfort us....

Psalm 127:2 says...."It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows, for so He gives His Beloved sleep"

In other words, it is pointless to worry and lose sleep because of our trival affairs each day, the more we worry, our problems will keep piling up and it will never end.

I cant deny we dont worry at all if we are sane people, I, for one, worry over some slightest issue at times and my heart wont be at ease until it is solved or repaired in one way or the other....

It is written here, God is the one who builds our careers and guards our marriage or arranges our everyday life... He is the one who watches over our children and future. He will guard our bank account and watches over our financial investments and business ventures...we are not the Ones!

But we are humans, it is hard for us to let go and let God take over...we tend to make our own choices each day instead of asking Him about it...We are not casting our cares and our worries cos many times we forget He is there for us...

But when we actually do, ie. to cast our cares, anxieties, worries and concerns upon His hands, we will see then how He cares for us affectionately and watchfully...we will also see Him taking care of our problems and working things out for our own good...(Romans 8:28)

So...........are we going to trust God this very minute or do we still want to go our own way???


  1. Great stuff. Anyway, whenever I came across this beautiful statement about putting all our cares on Him, I wonder how to do that? The problem will still be around and we still have to work it out.Perhaps, we can have a calmer mind knowing we have asked for help.

  2. i tot about that too just now, its not that we just "nah" give and ignore it, i guess we hv to pray about it..a quiet time alone praying about it..i tried that before..though of course it wont vanishes straightaway but without u realising it, the problem seems not to be a problem anymore..

  3. haha, yea...a lot of times the more we worry over the problems, the bigger they become. but when we surrender them to God, the problems just seem so insignificant...then we will wonder why we even bother to worry about it before this...

  4. amen to that... yes.. been thru that too.. before i sleep, surrender what is worrying us before the Lord.. believe it or not, i can sleep after that.. unbelievable but true...

  5. god is our father n he truly cares and loves us so much..think back of the blessings, he had been so wonderful n great..nvr forsake but will give us the best..surrendering to him all we have, all that is running through our mind is the best n he will carry us with his arms.. :)

  6. yes...from what u wrote, i believe u hv experienced His goodness and grace... though our paths are not always smooth and easy, but at leatst we know that He is always there for us, with us and in us...

  7. We are children to God just like children to our parents? When we face problems, whatever that may be, we try our best to fix them. God has planned our paths, so whether we succeed or fail, it's already a result known?
    I love God just like the way our world is. I believe God has His blessings for everyone yet we still have to go through all the routines.
    Parents around will be able to give their help in physical and spiritual way, and when they are not around, children whether grown up or not, will work their way through. God is just like our departed parents? He will give us all the strength we need to get over whatever hurdles.....God bless us. Smile.


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