Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Idol's Night Is ON.....

Tonite is the night where American Idol will be shown on 8TV 9.30pm....I know I m outdated cos Astro 711 has already shown this but alas for me, I was not able to watch that... why? no subscription to that channel...lo...but never-the-mind, it is better late than never...haha...

Who do I Love? Definitely this one....

and this lady here Brooke, i think she can be in top 4
I like Kristy too, she has the personality but she might be eliminated very soon...
and finally, hopefully, David Archuleta will be the All American's Idol....
What say you? I mean, what do u think?


  1. yesterday shown in SG already la.... hmmm.... to me, i prefer that david go out...i predict david cook or michael to be champs.

  2. yehhh... i dont like michael..he is handsome but not pleasant..why do u want david A to go out? he is more handsome than u ??? hehe

  3. hmm...seriously, he's just a little bit handsome than me.

    oh...if you look at American idol history, the favorites and ladies usually don't win. It's the 3rd or 4th favorites win, that's why i pick the two guys.

  4. i dont agree with u... i think americans prefer those cute faces and pleasant looks... david cook and michael could be in the top 4...i predict brooke, david A and C and michael..last 4...lets wait and see


Thank you, readers!

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