Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool Food...(2nd part)

To continue with the April Fool Food Day... breakfast was hakka mee and famous towfoo at this coffeeshop along Jalan Leech, opposite Batu Pahat Jewelery shop in old town. Its always packed with people but this morning, we managed to get seats cos it was still drizzling...rain or shine, have food will travel.

As for lunch, we proceed to this First Garden coffeeshop where they sell fish head meehoon, porridge and so on. This fish head meehoon has a aroma taste cos of its sourish soup with tomatoes, salted vegetables and ginger plus of course, the fish head....ladies, esp those pregnant mothers would love this very much....haha...

(kon loe hakka mee with bean sprouts just nicely cooked....)

(accompanied by towfoo and foo pei)

and lastly....

(fish head meehoon-the brownish one is the fish meat, hidden under the soup)


  1. wah...all the food so nice one..makes me tak tahan only..sigh..hehe..nxt time bring me thr..nice food indeed :)

  2. haha...ok....old town and first garden...u remember leh...u must wake up early for the old town hakka mee..see can sacrifice yr sleep or not...

  3. later u guys get fat ...eat like dat. *jealous look*

  4. enjoy life ma...as chinese saying goes..eating is prosperity...all big bellies..haha


Thank you, readers!

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