Saturday, April 12, 2008

Becoming Disciple Through Bible Study

Tonight is cell group nite cell leader gave us this 'thesis', its a daily affair homework.. whereby we need to read the passages in the Bible and write what we think of the verses and how it applies to our everyday of us are oldies in our golden to read and to study is sort of a tough challenge for us... anyway, I guess, if we have the will and the power, nothing can stop us....hehe...

Well, I for one, is well known to 'curi tulang' (steal bones=lazy) but nevertheless, I will try, try and try to do my daily journal as 'instructed'. I m sure in the long run, there will be much to learn from the Bible and be made applicable to my life....(God, help me pleasssssseeee!!)

Before we start our lessons, lets charge up our batteries first...tonite pot bless consists of these delicious yummy food contributed by each they are...

(Father Lord, we pray You will Bless the food that are on the table, in Jesus Name...amen)

(Walloping time...hey, wait for me....)

(After big makan, lets sing and praise our Lord!!)

(Works session now...doesnt everyone look serious??)

(oh..not really serious la... we were relaxing & enjoying ourselves actually)


  1. nice!! I love to join one too soon. The food are great, don't know you guys came here to makan or for bible study..hahaha Last time i went to a cell group in singapore, there's only dessert unlike you guys :(

  2. haha..once in awhile got pot bless.. not everytime like that one... normally, we makan only after its over, like just meehoon or taufoo far, something lighter than this definitely... :))

  3. ok lor...later all come here thin and go home fat, besides blessed with the Holy Spirit... :)

  4. true true...blessed with food and words of God..hahaha..


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