Thursday, April 10, 2008

Royal Town Kuala Kangsar Palace

Some pictures of the Kuala Kangsar Palace, known as the Royal Town in Perak, where the Sultan Perak performs his official duties such as the swearing-in of Chief Minister and the Exco State Parliament members and official functions are held there too when high dignataries come to town...

The hall where the ceremony take place
The seats that the Royal Highness sit when the ceremony begins

This is the dining hall....the captain looks familiar though..


  1. Very nice and modern. I've been to the Seri Menanti palace (seen from outside) only. Heard that it's made of wood only w/o a single nail.

  2. where is this seri menanti? haha.. not this palace surely? i must find out the name of this palace..

  3. negri sembilan.....


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