Thursday, June 12, 2008


ANOTHER new announcement for all government servants...

Early morning while in market, I heard this news... government servants are getting their salary twice per month in order to cope with the rising price of everything..."almost everything"...

How do I feel about this change?? Frankly, I welcome this move, I dont mind getting 2 times salary eventhough its being halved every 15 days....

I remember during my younger days, while I was working the stock exchange firm, the boss then practised this fortnightly salary too and I was never short of money to spend...(oh.., did I mention it was decades ago???)

Heard its going to start in August....meanwhile, we will hear a lot of feedbacks over here... but I guess there will be more positive remarks than negative.... who wouldnt want an earlier payment going into their pockets...but then again, one must be disciplined enough to put aside some cash as savings....(starting with me)

(by the way, I m still mooning over the 625rm rebate which i wouldnt be getting this year ... sigh...)


  1. As i mentioned earlier, the govt is scrambling to appease the public sentiments with all these ...well... dunno what measures. Wonder what it can do to alleviate the petrol price?? you guys still paid the same salary.....

  2. yeah..same salary only that the money will be coming after a short period of 2 weeks instead of waiting a month... money rolling in but will be difficult to save .. anyway, just wait and see.. it will happen in august... i wonder what else is coming.. maybe higher allowance, i heard.. hehe

  3. Hmmm...i'm not sure if this is a good idea. Cepat dapat, cepat habis - that's what i fear.

  4. that is what i fear too.. difficult to save cos its not much and sure use it up knowing another payment will be coming soon... all this is up to individual's dicipline and self control..

  5. wow!!!!your country is rocking it i wish it will also happen to my country -- the Philippines. very sad how our economy is sooo down compared to your country.i'd been to malaysia many times and really, i like it a lot!i just wish my country will catch up because we are really lagging behind!

  6. hey Prily..dont worry, yr country is catching up with us very soon.. mine is a slow moving country, we do things slowly over here compared to other asian countries.. haha..


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