Wednesday, June 11, 2008


WHEN THE GOVERNMENT announced that they will give rebates of RM625/- to us drivers whose road tax expired beginning of 1st April 2008, my heart sank several inches....(exaggerating la)

I should be very happy....but not this year yet ........COS..... MY ROAD TAX EXPIRED ON THE 31ST MARCH 2008!!!

Anyway, I am happy for those drivers out there, at least they are given this 'little' form of subsidy if not more...

As for me, I will have to wait for my turn, 31st March 2009 before I get the feel of the rebate... I will slowly slowly...wait....(man man tang)


  1. my road tax will be due in i need to pay the full amount to JPJ or was it deducted?
    The govt these days anyhow announced this and that to cool down the public, (i believe w/o proper planning) and that's very confusing.
    This morning they said civil servants can do part time.... I was laughing at this measure to alleviate the petrol hike. Do they really think?

  2. sigh..i also cannot see how it works lo..but i heard sg is also doing the same thing...they hv rebates too? can u check that out since u r for me, it wont affect me till next year ma.. i hope they wont abolish it in Feb 2009, i go 'strangle' whoever implements that..haha

  3. My roadtax is expiring sometime later this month wor...let's see how this rebate system works! So far, i didn't see anything published about HOW this latest govt offer works - so your guess is as good as mine!

  4. i guess by this saturday, something will come into light.. just wait and see...

  5. I believe all the actions should have been properly planned and documented before the announcements. I wonder what's going on....

  6. Time flies so fast and you wouldn't notice another year is fast approaching.
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  7. too bad for you. mine will be renewed this July so i can see what will happen with all the confusions...


  8. wow..good for u all then.. ok, save up the money for the petrol only.. unless yr company is paying for u...hehe..
    thanks Marie, for yr info..i will check with the pay2blog ..sounds good though..

  9. Anyone saw the cloud covering the bright sun? Sleepy head is causing confusions country wide so that the gang can do some clean ups?
    Imagine expensive petrol will definitely crack the economy.... it's wiser to have a lower profit by petronas than to use our tax money for such 'titbits', making malaysian public look like happy people rotting in the sad la...

  10. dont worry, u will get it next year, not all is lost though.

    take care

  11. dont worry,you will still get your rebate next year, not all is lost though.

    see you then

  12. yea Tong..seems we r small toddlers and feeling so happy cos we hv sweets in our hands..and when the sweets are eaten, we will only start to cry ..

  13. hi, As i went for enquiry about the rebateof $625/. One of my friend told me that no written letter issue to confirm about the rebate from MOF. so it look like you have to Mang Mang tang for the REBATE.

  14. hey..its this saturday far as i know..not earlier.. perhaps u go enquire again this saturday.. then u can retrieve yr money and belanja me later...


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