Wednesday, June 4, 2008


THIS CONVERSATION took place while 4 of us were in the car, AA was driving.... when all of a sudden, this young girl questioned her brother....

Young Girl : AA goh goh, what course are u taking now?

AA : Engineering .... civil....

Young Girl : Why take civil, why not Gold?

AA : ????

Then after a few seconds, he guffawed out loud after realising his little sister's innocence and ignorance of engineering

AA : Civil Engineering ... C-I-V-I-L not that SILVER ......hahahahaha....

All of us had a good laugh, young girl smiled broadly...."Awwww..."

Never had I thought until that day, my young girl was been thinking of silver and gold engineering......well.....well......

It will continue to stay on our minds...that is why I blogged this up....when she grows up, we will have this to remind her.....THE SILVER JOKE.....


  1. Yes! We are happy not because someone else made a mistake, we are happy because we treasure the little side thoughts by our beloved! You are a happy lady I envy....hehehe.


  2. yes, u r right..its the innocence and the thought that speaks out from their minds that makes us happy...dont envy me..i m sure yr kids give u as much happiness too, or even more... thank God..

  3. i love this joke!hehehehe!ok lah!

  4. well...the mind of the innocence and ignorance..haha.

  5. haha...i would say quite creative.:)


Thank you, readers!

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