Wednesday, June 4, 2008


TONIGHT'S DINNER was at this Question Mark Cafe in Ipoh Garden South... There are quite a number of cafes in that area ... since petrol has gone up so much beginning from today, we must decide first where to eat before driving out...unlike before, we used to drive around while thinking of what to eat... now time has change......starting from today....

grilled fillet in lemon mayonnaise - its mine...

chicken chop with orange cream for Fernie

grilled steak with barbecue sauce for goh goh AA

and finally grilled lamb chop for goh goh A...

The food came in small portions, the steak and the lamb meat were a bit tough but the fish fillet and the chicken chop were nice...esp with the lemon and orange cream.... ONLY THE BILL WAS NOT SO NICE... cost me RM60.00!!!..better start budgeting tomorrow...petrol is now RM2.70 per joke.....sigh....


  1. hahha...yea, petrol price rise ad, what also will increase is getting

  2. hi there , yes lor petrol price up so next time plan before you and ur family member go out for makan. So you can save abit on petrol.

  3. yeah...everything sure wil go up cos its linking to each other... perhaps this is the time to go on diet? haha... anyway, try to be more practical nowadays...cannot simply spend already...

  4. Hi dear, dinner on me, remember.
    Yes petrol in MY is now more in line with the world. hehe

  5. You guys so enjoyed!!
    Yeah, I also gotta cut down my cari makan adventures :(

  6. u talk only, chris..where u can resist food one.. for u no problem, yr sg salary is more than sufficient for for Loo, thanks for the "dinner"...will write in my diary...


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