Saturday, October 25, 2008

De-stressing Breakfast

AFTER YESTERDAY'S STRESS, I didn't have much appetite this morning so I told my buddies.. "Lets go take something light and easy to digest one.." May Tan suggested this shop, along Jalan Cowan, opened not too long ago.. Come, lets go and see what they have...

quickly took a picture of the front portion

taken from our table..

May Tan told me this picture is Ho Chiak, the famous blogger...
(how about Claire?? don't dream la..)

the menu sticking on to the walls..(whose patch of hair is that?)

We ordered these...

close up ... fried vegetarian meehoon

porridge with nuts and some oysters....

bubur cha cha - best of the lot...

this is for me... to cool my body heat...

there are a lot of varieties to choose from but since my appetite was not good this morning,
those would do for that time being .... next time, we will try order more desserts...
Rating : er... 7/10... when I tried more, then will rate them again...


  1. :) mmmm foodies.. i am now remember a lil bout my best foodies n beverages wif my ex.. lol.. one of em is.. the drink that in ur last pic.. is it the linci-kang? eh..? idk how is the spelling or how is the proper words for it.. :P lol.. but its.. refreshing! :D

    nice on.. keep it up claire~

  2. 糖水~


  3. looks delicious, the meehon is like our "bihon" ... good pictures...i don't mind the hair...hehehe

  4. yum.. is that bird's nest with lychees? :D

  5. Hmmm... the food made me hungry..

  6. yes, Beck..u almost have it right.. the lin chee kang has more nuts inside...this one has the yellow fungus and the longan only..
    they sell many more varieties..but that particular morning, i just wanted something light.. will go again next week..

  7. seeing the pics makes me hungry;-(

  8. the dishes look great..i wonder how i would rate them when i fgo there hehe

  9. nice post,..but i always like to have sweet, bubur or someting sweet hehehee

  10. her visiting :-) would love to try the porridge with oyster :-)

  11. i want to eat those vegetarian beehoon, looks so nice. and the bobo

  12. normally locals here in Ipoh have these type of food for high tea, like after lunch and before dinner.. the mouth is itcy and the stomach is half hungry..

  13. may i know how to go that place?is it in penang island?

  14. In love with the porridge...

    Arrgg...u make me so hungry~~


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