Thursday, October 23, 2008


I SENSE I M either GOING TO BE promoted or demoted soon.... and to be called the Golden Finger....

What shall I do in this kind of situation???

Here is my emo story of the day...

One fine day, Big Boss Big Big reported for duty... two days ago, suddenly from nowhere, she was beside me...wanting to ask questions regarding to my present immediate infamous Bossie...

Oh gosh, Why Me???

AVoiding that, I diverted the subject, "a lot of work today, Boss, system is very slow... now not free, Boss"... then She Boss gave me her handphone number, told me to sms her when I am free.....

Since then, I have been avoiding Big Boss Big Big, if I see her coming, I divert another way... but this afternoon, unavoidable confrontation ... around the corner, met face to face with Big Boss Big Big .. she asked me again when I am free to discuss what is happening .. I whispered as soft as I could... "So far, work is fine... anything other than that is all personal relationship which has no involvement with work. Sorry, boss, I really need to get to the loo." I scurried away, pretending to be really desperate for the usage of the restroom.


How long can I avoid her? Both Bossie Bosses are going to be at war..... I am caught IN BETWEEN ....where shall I go, what shall I do... If I turn this way, I imagine infamous bossie stabbing me with her eyes.... on the other side, Big Boss Big Big keep hankering me for more information...

I think tonight I am going to have a nightmare again...
(Beatles came to my mind... Help, I need somebody, HELP... HELP ME..)


  1. I lend you invicible cloak.. ahaha.. Hopefully ur psycho boss dun go and kacau u d.. haha!

    workplace also so many conflict.. Hmm..

  2. hello there...visiting u again..

  3. Girl! gotta do the work then. lol ^_^ keep avoiding WITH DOING SOMETHING bout it.. at the time u cant run/escapes... u can juz hand over the work and.. lets c wat might happen? ;) ^_^ hmmm... goodluck claire.. hehe.. ;)

  4. Just to talk to the boss la and kow what's going on. Just be discreet in remarks on interpersonal lor.

  5. ok, one good office remedy to cast off office politic, please pray for our enemy,hahahah. i am sure it works. try it.

    this remedy will not cost you anything but a sincere heart

    have a good weekend my dear friend

  6. Office politics..yeah..that is the word.. and the end word is 'POWER'... this is humans.. if not for power, everyone can work in peace and joy..

  7. well this kind of thing happens. As long as you're under their skirts (not inside), they'll not let you escape.

    if they know that you're a good worker, God help you! and if you're not of the same skin colour (generally speaking), you're out of the fraternity and they'll just make you look stupid while they claim all the glory.

    office politics? normal. Hope things will be better. If not, just do something to make yourself feel better - like take a stroll and chat with someone, make a call to your long lost friend or whatever to get away from it all for a while.

  8. Oh poor you Claire, you were sandwiched from the 2 bosses. Hopefully you will be able to resolve this kind of confrontation bec sooner or later you'll be facing it whether you like it or not.

    Good Luck dear.

  9. Isn't it suffering everyday going to work in such situation... Hope you cope it well. Have a nice weekend, Claire.


  10. eeyerr, sounds so scary... hope everything works out for u =)

  11. about work? hmm... no idea...

    i'm still a uni student! =P


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