Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Cooked Food For Simple Kids

ACTUALLY and frankly, I am a lazy "cooker", to be more precise, I don't mind cooking but I detest the beforemath and aftermath... ie. to prepare what to cook and to wash up later.. Who shares the same laziness with me?? No one? Good.. so I m the only lazy one around...

That is why I always give salute to housewives....besides giving their "services" to their husbands and kids, the house also needs to be serviced too.... cleaning up and getting food ready for her beloved family at least 2 times per day if not 3 times... correct or not, housewives?

Ok cut out the crap, claire... and get on with the displays here....

I admit I am not creative cooker....cook... Most of the time, I only cook what they like to eat... so that they really eat and eat and not leave anything overnight... good kids... not demanding, no high expectations from yours truly here... (still talking crap...)

These are some of their favourites...

stir fry pototoes with minced meat

seasoned prawns with ginger....

fried eggs with chinese sausages (lap cheong)

brocolli with crab filament...

and lastly... this simple fast soup.... with anchoives (ikan bilis) and green vegetables....


  1. you should learn more from tai yee!! btw, i missed her cooking!

  2. those looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

  3. hmmm seems like lots of preparations to do eh..? >_> those foodies might took more than trice times of energy ur energy! lol ^_^

    hehe.. i amazed! ^_^ greet job hun! :D

  4. Hi Reanaclaire, and you call those 4 dishes simple? Holy Smoke! Makes me wonder what when you come up with a 'difficult' dish, ha ha.
    So happens I love these 4 dishes as my wife cooks them often.

    We have sambal belachan once or twice a week, and I love ikan well hum yee.
    But my all time favorite 2 dishes is 1/ hum choy pai kuat tong.
    2/ That mackeral fried fish with chillie sambal stuffings....must be friend very crispy.
    Add sambal belachan addition, and you'll see me polish off 3 big plates, especially on a cold snowy night, ha ha.

    Reana, next day when you in the mood, try make your Ipoh style fish head curry. As well kangkong belachan....ha ha, love them too.
    By the way, every wife, mother has your problems, its not being lazy, but don't know what to cook? Ha ha.
    Next time ask me. Ha ha. Lee.

  5. girl you really had yummy foods here! Damn I missed these foods. I missed eating chinese and Malaysian food.
    I've been to Malaysia few times, I like their food hmmm my mouth is watering lol.

    btw, I love to cook, but i cooked for my husband "western food" and Fil-food of course!
    Just missing eating chinese and malaysian food. A little bit spicy cooking hmm yummy!

    Anyway, thanks for the visit!


  6. thanks U.Lee for your suggestions. I dont know how to cook complicated dishes like kau yoke or stewed this or that... i must learn from my mum somehow... that is why my range is not wide..haha.. sometimes the choices are just not there in my brain and i end up cooking almost the same old thing often..

  7. that's a lot of dish for a 'lazy' cook as you claimed! lol then i am 'lazier' cook cos usually we have 3 for a normal day. Soup, Veg and Meat...hehehe

    oh i have a November contest just started. Good luck if you're interested.

  8. home cooked dishes are heaven man, dont worry about the beforemath and the aftermath, just enjoy it..

    and i believe you can cook very well, claire.

    have a great weekend and god bless

  9. Wahh Claire... u in a cooking mood ah? So many dishes geh? Not bad wor...

  10. hi there,

    looks like you're a good cook for me. the mere fact you can a cook a simple dish for your loved one is already something especially if you do it with gusto!

    please share more simple dishes:)

  11. wow, the food looks really good, wei!! =P some more got 5 dishes

    I suppose I wouldn't mind cooking/learning to cook if someone would do the preparations for me, hehe

    I normally do the washing up, 'cos his 'Lai Ku'(youngest aunt) cooks, and I kinda like washing up =P

  12. yeah..if i m not cooking, i prefer to wash up too.. like during festive seasons, i dont know how to cook complicated dishes, so i end up being the washer and i dont fact, i prefer to clean up ... the cook normally is too tired to eat by the time she finishes cooking.. *so smart hor*

  13. Wah! I came by via Constance's blog!

    WAH! You cook so many dishes!

    WAH! My kids love the first dish as well.. So easy to please huh?

  14. I hate food pictures on the web.. they ALWAYS make me hungry

  15. sorri Clarrise.. my blog is not mainly on food.. it is a mixture of everything, happenings in my life..
    do bear with me..i do understand what u meant though.. thank you..

  16. HHhmmmmmmm, yummy! They are just simple dishes, but they really look so good and I know they taste so good! I would love to try those one of these days..Thanks for sharing the recipes...More please?


Thank you, readers!

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