Thursday, November 6, 2008

Special Cookies For Us

Holiday season is coming and Christmas is around the corner. I am sure many of us celebrating this festive season will have our hands full, especially us ladies. Besides spring cleaning the house, we need to oversee lots of stuff, presents and special gifts, invitations to our love and close families and friends and preparing our food galore.

As for me, I prefer to try new varieties, I like to surf online especially when it comes to cookies. This year I am thinking of baking some Christmas cookies for my family. Well, from what I see from the website, Gourmet Holiday Cookies and Organic Gourmet Cookies have much to offer. The cookies are traditionally created with the right ingredients mainly from organic whole wheat pastry flour with a number of flavours created at the base dough. The rest of the ingredients include whole grains, heart healthy oats, organic dairy and loaded with chocolate. Wow, it really makes my mouth drool just looking at the cookies. Now I am having a touch time, there are so many Christmas cookie recipes, most of them look so delicious and mouth watering.

Even for corporates companies, San Francisco Cookie Company has prepare Corporate Holiday Gifts for you too. All you have to do is just call them up and choose the packaging. It would be such a perfect gift, with customized labels with your company logo too. To find out more about deliveries, just go to their link here.

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