Friday, December 19, 2008

Gurney Drive & Kimberley Street, Penang

GURNEY DRIVE HAWKERS' STALLS is a must for tourists, over here, we can eat all we can...
that was what we did and my sons ended up having stomach discomfort the next day. We came here around midnight for supper and stuffed in our favourite.... ie..... LAKSA.....

midnight supper-ers....

enjoying their supper..

our favourite... midnite feast...

penang tau foo fah...
with brown sugar

this is Kimberley street

our dinner was here...

by the road side .. added spices from the air

matt toe yau
meaning "everything got"

we love chicken feet...

and the drumsticks...

nyonya bah chang
something different from IPOH
first time I tried this...
and I love it!


  1. oh the food looks so good!

  2. I just back from Penang with tonnes of food in my tummy... Luckily Airasia no charge me for over loading... ~*LOL*~

  3. The food really look so yummy! I love chicken feet too, and soy chicken. I want to see Penang. Is it expensive to go there from Manila?

  4. Never had so much food in my last visit in Penang. You really know how to order them

  5. I have a Local Guide to take us makan.. he took us to road side and coffee shops where tourists don go in dozens... well, advice is, try little of this and that..and dont overeat oneself.. otherwise tummy ache.. haha.. like my sons..

  6. i love the penang's kuey theow!!!
    although it's quite exp... =.=

  7. wow, looks like Philippines...i miss this crowd and the food


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