Thursday, December 18, 2008

G Hotel In Penang Island

Last weekend, for the first time, we stayed in G Hotel which is just next to Gurney Plaza. It is very convenient for us, shopping and hawker food galore are just next to each other. A five star hotel, my kids and I were amazed at their spacious lobby and room.. (like coming out from village)...Anyway, don't think of the rates la.. (the bill will come later ma)

the "G" sign just right outside the hotel...

someone standing below the "G"

the lobby was filled with the sweet voices
of carolling during the evening...

the "tree"

the vast and spacious lobby

the bar corner ...

you can relax here...

or here...

"wanna drink?"

he said, "no, i just wanna pose"

the comfortable room...

Right opposite the G Hotel
is the Gurney Drive
facing the sea...

We had planned to stay one night only in G Hotel but somehow.... we ended up staying 2 nights instead... wait till the bill comes, then I wish it was one night instead.... be continued....


  1. Wow...must be a nice stay...such a nice hotel mah! Makes me wanna head to Penang now!

  2. Wow! that's beautiful! I like the night view!

  3. Hello there claire.. havent been around here for quite sometimes eh..? anyway.. :) i enjy looking at ur pictures.. :) nice view, great hotel i must say.. :) thanx for the information! :)

  4. The hotel is so classy. I never thought Penang has a hotel like that! And the sea! That's one BIG thing that KL doesn't have. Sigh~

  5. guys so pampered!Good la, gotta give yourself a treat at times!

  6. I walked pass by G Hotel several times in my last visit to Gurney Drive some 2 years ago. Really an impressive hotel. I was staying at Evergreen Laurel at Gurney Drive back then.

  7. wow...cute hotel..
    The "G" sign is soo cool.

  8. Yes, the G sign is very cute...they hv G ballroom, G spot pub, G something.. so on and so forth.. haha..i was taken aback too..

  9. Hi Claire, wow! Penang Gurney Drive, my old playground, ha ha.
    I have always love Penang,. It has that certain charm...the women too, ha ha.

    Thats a beautiful hotel...guess there's lots of new hotels now too.
    Must make a trip back to see...and eat oh chien, poh pia at Gurney drive.
    You have a good time and keep well, Lee.

  10. Wow i like you room :) looks so comfy

  11. woah, frm singapore to penang, ur really traveling around eh? so cool =D

    Penang is one of my favourite places in Malaysia... love the food, the sun, sand & sea =D

  12. This looks like a nice hotel! :) Will bookmark this. Thanks for the post.

  13. Very beautiful Claire. I like the view too fronting the sea...thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

  14. thank you everyone... G hotel is indeed comfortable and convenient.. and NOT too costly..
    for government servants it is only 207per nite..

  15. dont like going there during the weekend,the traffic jam is teruk one la. G Hotel indeed is cool and chic.

    and thank you for spending in Penang, on behalf of the state government,i thank you

  16. wah Eugene.. so patriotic ah.. my son was suggesting that we go again this weekend.. i told him to wait for my printing machine first.. let me print some money then we go.. :))

  17. G hotel, love the decoration. The Jazz Jamming Session at Gspot is fantastic !

  18. hahahha its okay dont worry about the bills, it looks like you had fun anyway.. great place!

  19. thank you chubs...yes, i worry not now.. the bill will come next month.. so meanwhile, forget about it and enjoy while we can.. Thank God for His blessings..

  20. G hotel looks like a nice hotel perhaps when i do go down Penang next year, i'll stay a night or two there if my mom allows...hehehe.. mom lives just a walk away from Gurney. we once stayed in a hotel so the kids can swim and mom grumbled away...hehehe Was suppose to go Penang mid this month but trip cancelled...sigh

  21. constance.. do come to penang.. i bet yr kids will have a fun time swimming.. the pool is very enticing..haha.. regret not taking some pics of it.. next time, or next month, if i go again, i load them up..


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