Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vivo City 'N' MV Doulos

7/12 : After the tea ceremony, Larry dropped us at Hougang MRT, from there we went to Vivo City which was about 30 minutes away. At first I thought Vivo is a new city by itself, never knowing it is another shopping mall. Heard it is the biggest in Singapore now, am I right? Anyway, we didn't spend much time there cos we have to rush back for the wedding dinner at 6pm...

Vivo City

some christmas display at the ground floor

kids' favourite area

the entrance, I think...

then we saw something more interesting...

it is a missionary ship
selling all kinds of books

reminds me of Titanic...

good experience to be up the Doulos..

heard of it very often
and now to be up here
it is very memorable...

Thank God
For the wonderful trip...
till we meet again..
Adios Singapore!


  1. vivocity is a great place to be.... last time, there was an old ship (remake la)which sailed ard the world stopped by here. I was there!!

  2. perhaps it was this doulos? i heard this is one of the oldest ship that sails round the world.. aaron was quite interested to go along with this ship..haha..

  3. i prob have set foot on this old ship in the 70s! it sailed to Penang and my late father brought us to buy some fairy tales. it was a wonderful experience!

  4. i was part of the doulos team back home about 15 years ago (after form 5). got nothing to do at home, so why not travel and do some missions work. i was in their worship team back then. missed those days. i think they'll be coming down to kuantan port by feb next year. cant wait for them to come. got tonnes of cd and books i wanna buy. id encourage aaron to join, its so interesting to eat, sleep, work, pray and have fellowship with bros and sister from all over the world..cheers

  5. thanks Calvin.. yes, aaron was very fascinated in the doulos when we were there.. infact he went for some mission work in sabah earlier this year for 3 weeks, he loves doing all these..

  6. My my. Doulos brings back memories of my school days and youth. Ever so energetic and zealous. Eager to go anywhere and everywhere, the more `ulu' the better! One of my friend joined the other ship, Logos i think...

  7. We just passed by Vivo City as we were on our way to Sentosa Island. Never really had the chance to explore the mall.

    For an old ship, it is still well maintained from what I see. The ship did stop at Kuching a few times but never been there as Kuching is quite far from my hometown

  8. hehe...i think the books part will be more interesting? free books to read if u work as crew...lol.

  9. That ship ever conme to KK 2years ago I think.. and that will be the last as they told 'us' the maintenance ship are too high...

  10. its really a good experience when u can see many different things in foreign country... ^^

  11. It's beautiful! The interior, the design and layout. I love it!

  12. claire, i am confused now, are still in singapore holidaying?

  13. MV DOULOS!! I miss it SOOOO much...bought TONS of books the last time when it came to Port Klang... hope it'll come to M'sia again soon... sigh =P

  14. yes, Yanz, first time i see it eventhough hv heard of it long ago.. yes, many books for sale, they count by units conversion.. a bit cheaper than outside..

  15. i've been to Vivo city before...what can i say..what a very nice place =)


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