Friday, December 5, 2008

New Place, Any Problem?

IT IS 12AM NOW... going to sleep soon.. a new place, new bed, new pillow.. wonder I can get a good night sleep or not....

Tomorrow we r going to Singapore, have to wake up at 8am...

Oh, about the dinner awhile ago, no pictures were taken..when the food arrived, all I thought of was filling my stomach... I only remember about the camera half way through, too late... my fingers were holding the salted egg crabs... too gross to hold the camera then...

Oh, one more thing... talking about new place, I have no problem sleeping... but when it comes to toilet, oh my, oh dear, I have a problem... guess I don't have to explain that, do I?? All I miss is my own toilet... Do anyone here has a problem going to some new toilet other than your own house??? Can your... "waste" be dispose as easily as in your own home???
(sorry if u r eating at this moment)

Ok, I go sleep now.. won't talk gross... zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Great blog! Care to link exchange? I have added your blog to my links. Please add and

  2. Had those moments before...can't hold any longer, lucky to have a 9ft square personal area....just for that 3min....hahahaha. like cooking maggie dish, it's temporary....

  3. hi claire, so did you manage to meet up with Chris,do post some pictures of your wonderful escapade ya ?

    happy holiday

  4. Hahaha.. Yes! I do have tat problem too. If i use that toilet very frequently already, i will not have that problem. If i am new to a place, i will eat a lot of fruits to er er. Ahaha..

  5. haha... so it is something common too.. love that... yes, after few days should be adapted.. gross topic, huh?
    Have a nice weekend, everybody...

  6. Me me me!!! I need to go to my own toilet. I can't even shit at my bf's place!! I am weird :D

  7. haha... celine... u too? hey, tell u one more secret..i must read book or newspaper.. it works better.. haha...

  8.'s getting a bit gross...luckily i just finished eating...but still...

  9. i can i think...>.<" lol..i think..

  10. =) interesting post. =P .. yalor i also cannot go do my morning business in someone else's toilet. =( sit there don't know how long still cannot. took me a couple of months to get use to uni toilet hehe.. =)=) a bit gross la but =) still .. hehe..

    read ur latest post.. ur hols sounds so fun. esp the food. *drools* =)

    take care! *waves*


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