Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...

IT IS 12.08 AM NOW... going off to sleep soon... Didnt do much visiting of bloggers these few days..thank to all of u who came by, I promise once I go home from my vacation, I will be in "full blast" again.

This morning around 10am we left for Singapore, taking a causeway bus... reached Woodlands around 12pm after the long queue in the customs. Larry took us for lunch in Bishan Mall.... a dim sum restaurant... Thank you, Larry.

Evening went out with Loo for seafood dinner.... cannot describe without the pictures... but for the moment, just imagine, a claypot shark fin soup each, salted egg lobsters, scallops with brocolli, steamed fish, drunken prawns and lastly, the aroma fried rice....and of course, not forgetting the desserts..... Thank you, Loo.

Pictures will be posted when I m home...

Ok, going to sleep now.... till tomorrow.... sweet dreams to all of u...


  1. so sorfu go horliday ka? Enjoy.. got miss your everyday 'char tungking' session not?

  2. goolypop mama, the bomb is still not fully ignite.. maybe needs more time to adapt to the enviroment..


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