Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lou Sang For Chinese New Year

For "hoi leen", that is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, the dish Lou Sang is sort of a MUST... the dish means... prosperity and being alive... haha... (I hope I got the meaning right)

My sister in law sponsored this dish, imported from Kuala Lumpur.... it consists of mainly raw vegetables such as white carrots, orange carrots, ginger, pomelo, raw fish (true), crackers, peanuts .... (what else.. I cannot remember) but there were lots of stuff inside....

Before the syrup...

toppings with sweet syrup...

forking out together...
stirred high high

hmm....ready to be eaten at last....

(By the way, Michelle, can you guess whose hands belong to who? hehe...)


  1. looks delicious!

    i loved the food in KL. every place we went to had great food. chinese, japanese, italian, local, you name it :-)

  2. fork? what happened to the traditional chopsticks? :)

  3. wow nice food it makes me hungry :LOL:

  4. eh how come this yee sang use fork one ahhh. i tot lo hei is using chopsticks and the higher the better...

    there was a year when i work almost everyday we had lo hei with so many groups of colleagues...i eat them but i avoid the raw fish..heheheh love those that uses pomelo ones...yum

  5. Hi Claire, in SG this is called "Yu Sang" or raw fish. Meaning to have plenty extra (Yu, sounds like extra). Many also call it "low hei", or toss it high. the higher you toss the better it is. This dish is served throughout CNY, and even before it. However, a consider a must on the 7th day, everyone's birthday. Or "Ren Ri", or people's day.

  6. Hi Claire!

    That Lou Sang looks interestingly yummy!

    I hope you have now gathered enough energy to face the daily tasks.


  7. Wa, your "lo sang" was complemented with so many side dishes one ka?

    Ya clare,"lo sang" must use chopstick one la,, "suang suang dui dui" "ho yee tau " ma

    and Happy Ren Ri my dear friend

  8. haha..thanks for your comments.. yeah, should be chopsticks one.. but during that time, all forks and spoons on the table only.. so never the mind, we all use forks.. we just did for the fun of it.. never really indulge in the meaning..
    yes, today is the people's birthday, my mum is cooking porridge..

  9. i love bihon. give me some pls :-)

  10. WOW so delicious

  11. i lou sang many times already, prior to today. :)

  12. me looking fwd to more yee sang hehe :)

  13. yay... sadap.. btw happy chap goh mei.. :)

  14.; You saved my day again.


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