Friday, January 30, 2009

Viral Infection

Was very busy during the CNY... during this festive period, when all of us were having a gala time, my Jingle Bell got sick.... no wonder he was howling and barking the previous night...
He was quite weak in the early morning and I saw bouts of his vomits here and there... oh dear..
Without wasting time, AA and I took him to see the vet, after an injection of anti vomiting, she told me that I could take him back. But if Jingle continues to vomit again, I must bring him back for drips cos he looked dehydrated.

After feeding him with antibiotics, AA and I prayed over Jingle... for healing to be upon him. Thank God, he was healed the very same day, he dint have any more diarrhoea and vomiting after that.... Now he is still as active as before... Praise the Lord!


  1. Hi Reanaclaire, glad to hear Jinglebell is okay. Thats a nice name, love it.
    I had a Doberman guard dog once, HUGE fellow, never take prisoners...named him 'Smoky Joe', ha ha.
    Before that had Dobermans....I love Dobes as no hair drops, 'Whisky', and 'Brandy'...ha ha.

    My wife love Schnauzers, but very lecheh here, have to take them out for walks, on a leash...if they poop, have to scoop and put in bags, or else heavy fine. dogs now.
    You have a great new year Reana, best regards, Lee.

  2. thanks U. Lee for your wishes. Yes, I understand that when abroad, we have to scoop up their "drops"... when I was in Toronto, my fren's husband's duty is to take out Skype for an evening walk each day and always taking a plastic bag with him ..

  3. that is a good news Claire...what a nice name you have for your dog ha... I got 2 friends (dog) here, happy and raco but they are tiny. I feel bad too when they get sick.

  4. great to hear dat.Maybe u guys been partying late and he doesn't have enough rest due to the noise. :)

  5. haha.. good one chris.. partly right, my bro in law brought back his doggie and both of them were partying into late nights.. not us, but the dogs...

  6. Oh thank goodness he's okay!

    He looks adorable by the way :-)

  7. He/she looked bad in that pic, i remembered our dog who died. Thank God, Jinglebell's ok. :)

  8. Hi Claire,

    Glad Jinglebell's alright. Yeah, having a dog means taking good care of another life - treat him the same way we treat humans... with love and care unlike some morons who just goes around shooting dogs just because it's their job to do so!

    Make sure Jinglebells have enough water to drink to avoid dehydration. Take him out for walks each day. Go to the pet store to see if there's any toy for him to play with when you're too busy to be with him. You might find something useful for his kennel.

    Oh... one more thing, make sure he has a dog license!!!


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