Friday, February 27, 2009

Home-CookedFood In Kampong Simee

Times are bad....I am feeling the pinch now...but still lazy to cook during weekends... so out we went ... to a nearby house cum shop, selling home-cooked food and stir fried noodles...

Son wanted fried rice, girl wanted meehoon noodles...mama here wanted wat tan hor (koay teow noodles) so eventually all requests were met.. and the cost came to RM25.oo... enough for 2 days of dinner at home...

this is the shop cum home...

wat tan hor
(koay teow noodles with sauce)

oh gosh, i m hungry now...

unbalanced colour meehoon
but still walloped...

fried rice with char siew...

mixed vege with roasted pork..
looking at these, i think i go down now
to make a glass of warm milk...


  1. hmmm...doesn't really looks good and Rm25 for all these are not cheap!

  2. liked how u say.. 'still walloped'! :)

  3. OMG! those are really delicious, im eating calamari right now, i want those soup

  4. yeah..this is actually very simple food.. not actually nice too.. for lazy people like me, it is very convenient... in a matter of minutes, we can just finished our meal and walk off.. haha..

  5. I am back to Malaysia and feels the pinch. Everything is expensive. Especially food. A bowl of curry laksa is RM5. Used to be RM3.80. Yong Tau foo per piece is RM1. I need to move to Ipoh....

  6. ano ba naman yan, pagkain ulit? gutom na naman si ako nito..

  7. I guess it is a family dinner which is the nice part of the whole post.

    Regardless of times of trouble, sometimes indulging outside with family is a quality time.

    Of course, home cook food = love.


  8. payatot i think Miss Claire don't understand tagalog..right miss c?

    the unbalanced color is not good i think..:-(...did u enjoy the food?

  9. I haven't taken my dinner and I bumped into ur blog! My goodness! I feel like swallowing an elephant right now!

  10. Hi dear, how about some good restaurant food for Sunday, sponsored by Loo.

  11. ya la, cook at home lagi healthy and trifthy ma, now that times are really no good, we really have to relook and may be rearrange our lifestyles la.. as for me i have cut down my happy hour to only once a week, where i would take my wife out for a drink or two, still have to enjoy ma

  12. Happiness can come in many ways and directions. We just have to search for them. Hehe.

    Time to save for rainy days. =)

  13. only weekends eat out lo.. weekdays no time.. kids tuition and my working schedule.. makes it hard to eat outside.. so simple meals each day..
    thank God today is sunday..yeh.. no need to cook.. go for noodles, cheap ones.. tonite i blog about it.. ok..

  14. hmm looks yummy, I never tried malaysian food, maybe have to find recipe on internet and try to cook myself. I got hungry when saw this post hehe maybe time to get up and prepare late breakfast hehe.
    god bless you claire.


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