Friday, February 27, 2009

For Human Sake...Be Merciful la...

For Once, I know I am doing right, no regrets...what am i babbling about? well, let me tell sto-ry.....for many-many months, I have stopped subscribing newspaper nor buying them. Most days, if not everyday, I only read them online...

Know why? Cos I get agitated easily.... I am becoming more and more "less air" (siew hei)...
Just minutes ago, I clicked Malaysiakini, I clicked The online star and the news there made me so so "angry" .. irritated.... I guess most of the locals here know what I am babbling about...

"A MAN in wheelchair can get mobbed by big healthy normal so-called humans.... poor man...
A MAN who make love in a hotel room with his lover can be sued for indulging oral sex... (the culprit who taped and distributed the video act was more or less "ignored", maybe he might be rewarded for putting the hidden camera there, for all I know)

.....and goodness knows what else....

I stopped reading further.... these two items are enough to cause me "stuffing air" (kook hei) and heart beating faster than normal ... now not young anymore... I might land myself on the white bed....


  1. take it easy la ..all these got motives. Those people who got involved are also not to be sided with.

  2. take it easy,Claire!not good for the heart!^_^

  3. yeah yeah clarissa...thanks for reminding..haha.. i m just a bystander watching from sideways.. so dont get heated up..

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Memang sad la society nowadays. power abuse makes it worse.

  6. yerr...i read also very angry!! Thats why i become 'frog under the coconut shell' for not reading news daily!! Toll want to increase also don't know..haha!! today only i got to know about it..

  7. but our PM said dont implement first.. so hopefully they listen to him.. he sympathize with us too..

  8. haih. doggy style also not allowed la cos it's reserved for doggies lest you be called indulging in animal sex lol

  9. haha.. whatever style also cannot la.. like that...better be a hermit and stay quietly alone... if they want to kena u, anything also is not right la..


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