Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Long, Farewell....

A special request from May Tan, her very last day in the office.... starting from March 1st, she is a confirmed retiree and she told us that from tomorrow onwards, everything she eats will be in half portion... (she's only getting half pay after retirement)

So this evening, I took the camera and walked up to her section... I feel kinda of sad that she is going off... we have so much fun together, eventhough not from the same floor, but we have been seeing each other for years already.... sigh...

Ok....her requests... take a picture of her table and ......

her transformed table..
emptiness, nothingness..
kind of sad, huh..

she said she missed her phone the most
huh? not us meh?
a pretentious smug smile..

United we sit....
Divided we split...

last shot for the day...

eh ... come so many red marks one...
hahahaha.....we had our last laugh over this...


  1. so long....may she enjoy her life more and spend time with family at home...she can visit her realtives in far places right? hehehe

  2. so far is good for her.can fully enjoy the life, share the time with her family.

    So, ur retirement date is soon, right?wait the day come la, claire

  3. haha.. i m waiting impatiently.. how nice to retire.. no more waking up early and rushing to work... and wonderful to "fire" the boss.. haha...

  4. How sweet is retirement... may she have a long happy one! :)

  5. lol with firing the boss!hurray with no boss to May Tan!hello with happy life after retirement!

  6.'s so nice to be retired - with half pay. Well for me, since i'm not in the government service, i'd have to work my buns off till I can't work anymore. Up to 60 years old or more - i don't know.

  7. i hope i will enjoy my retirement when i retire hahaha ... but i do know some of my former colleague are not happy, they cannot get use to not doing anything, imagine that ... :D

  8. yeah..for guys, it is a torture.. but i think ladies will welcome the retirement... anytime.

  9. Just came back from Sibu and delighted to see all the support and kind words on my retirement.Thank You.Ya i feel great to retire , no more rushing to office ..and no more BOSS..i am the BOSS now..heh..heh..

  10. yeah yeah.. u r big bossie now.. come and belanja us makan la.. dont always stay away from us..ok???


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