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Save A Ringgit ...

These days times are bad.. we really got to save up for rainy days or for days when we do not have a job anymore. Heard of so many cases friends get laid off in their jobs and cutting pay is also on the rise. Instead of 5 days work and overtime, now it is reduced to 3 or 4 days work and NO overtime. How to make ends meet like tat????

A sign of bad times is seen right here in these pictures. Courtesy by Lynn again... thanks Lynn, I know we really need to be thrify, perhaps we come out less in the mornings? Or perhaps cut our lunch? Or perhaps do not buy any unnecessary accessories on our hair???

Can see her beautiful pin or not?
at first i didnt realise she was wearing on her hair..

a nearer vision... can see?
I told her I must take a pic of this...
that proves time is really bad...
save on whatever you can... hor..


  1. sus, baka lang naiwan ang personal gucci hair clip sa bahay, hihi.

    Totoo meron crisis, even sa France, feel na feel na rin.
    Kaya save a ringgit, a euro a peso...
    My post today is about money too.

  2.!! I'm also cutting down on my expenses. Save as much as you can!! Boycott the expensive stuffs and makan places. teach them a lesson for increasing price!

  3. wah..sounds so angry, Chris... but then later go for good food, heh? well, if u can afford to, then go ahead..for others like me, have to spend wisely now lo..feeling the inflation already la..

  4. thats quite something haha. btw, yes, im cutting down a bit as well :)

  5. Quachee, a bit only? haha..good de.. at least still doing ok lar..

  6. hehe a bit lah :)

    for the rest, i agree with a quote i read from a biz entrpereneur - a lot of it is how we think & will be :)

  7. oh i think it's brilliant :-) i love it!

  8. OMG...Until like that ha? LOL..LOL.. I prefer saved a ringgit.. ;-D

  9. Hahaha! Saving.. LOL! That's very creative leh. She do think creatively. Salute~ LOL! Are you using that too?

  10. haha..check out my latest post on korean food.. hehe...

  11. Claire,
    we are now suffering of world economic crisis, even here in Sweden, there are many people was laid off from thier works.
    and there are some companies that have been closed.
    It's better to save our money and use i wisely. We dont know what is going on to happen in the future.

  12. agree, we should save. and may be it's better to bring food from home, no need to eat at our canteen oh.

    but, hehe, i love the new hair clip ... creative :D

  13. a paper clip. that is funny. i'm also trying to hold on my job here.. weeee. wish us all luck.

  14. I have used paper clips on my hair before hehehehe..doesnt work coz my hair too 'subur' bah..hehehehe.. too trying hard to cut for a rainy day

  15. one cent saved, is one cent earned, old but golden saying that always holds so much truth in it

  16. yeah.. little little from molehill can become mountain one day.. haha.. well, there is another saying.. penny wise pound foolish.. so if we save on the wrong things also no use..

  17. times are bad, ya we know. but not until like that kua???? but good idea....heheheheh :)

  18. haha, kakatuwa naman :D

  19. Hi, that clip reminded me of our payroll person in one of the companies I worked with.

    When she wears that, you know that she's processing the payroll and you should beware...

  20. Same here in Japan also nowadays many people was laid off from their works and sufer from living.
    Seeing all these things happen really make me feel so scare and worry, so now i also trying to cut down my expenses as i can to save up for the rainy days too!
    As for the hair clip that was a really good idea!..^^..

  21. Hi claire, yan na ba usong hair clip ngayon?lol! Morning visit here. Hope you’re doing great. Anyway, I have a tag for you. Hope you grab them. Have a nice day.

  22. waaah! teach them a lesson... boycott those stores with overprice items!

  23. ah ha! found ur entry with the same sentiments as my money-saving passion :)

    yes, the recession really hits globally and not only Singapore.

    good luck in your money saving strategies and hope all of us will go through this period smoothly.


  24. haha i'm gulty of this too. i actually always do this in the office when i forget my hairclip and my hair is bothering me :)paper clips are sooo useful :)


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