Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stingy Or Lazy?

TALKING OF SAVING MONEY, where it comes to meals for 4 persons (myself + 3 big teens), it is more economical to eat at home... normally one meal outside will cost RM50.00 averagely. If cook at home, then perhaps around 10-20RM.

But if one or two persons, then different story. One plate of chap farn (rice with 3 side dishes) cost around eating outside is cheaper for 1-3 persons.

(why m i suddenly so calculative? feeling the pinch of inflation, i guess.... )

Ok, let me illustrate an example of a meal for 4 persons...

4 big bowls of soup
ingredients: green vege, ikan bilis (anchoives) & fish

one bowl each...not more than that.. (lol...)

one dish of pototoes
& minced meat....

one dish of vegetables with clams...

followed by one plate of rice

That is all.... enough or not??? OF COURSE NOT! my Andy said "where got enough, mum... all vegetables... 2 dishes and one soup only ah?"

My reply was... "wanna eat or not? if not, less men more share...." quietly, quietly... all started to eat..and finished all...

Am i stingy? no la.. actually I am LAZY.... (lazy mama!!)


  1. my William (hubby) will Die if there are no BIG n visible meat on the table! he cant go vegetarian! tak kenyang he said! salute ur son! hahahaha... :)

  2. your plate of potato looks good leh. Issit in curry?

  3. Merryn, yr hubby can shake hand with my son, haha.. he also cannot live without meat... wont be satisfied..
    Chris, that one is potato gravy.. not curry.. remember mother used to cook like that last time?

  4. aiyer..english educated?
    so scare when readin ur post..
    learn alot..'calculative'..woo.i like!

  5. wooh... i think is lazy gua hahaha

    if i will you, i will also lazy hehehe

    i think i am more lazy that you.

    All in one! Vegetable, meats, etc pull in the rice and cook hahahaha
    (vegetable put in after all)

  6. haha.. yeah... laziness..and one more secret actually.. *pst..pst. softly * I am not a good cook, dont now much about dishes.. so what i know, i repeat and repeat.. pity my kids...

  7. eat more vege better for the body mah.....body immune stronger :)

  8. the soup looks nice, i can live with that...hehehe

  9. The potatoes dish can cook with meat also mah. Then got meat already lor..hehe. I'm lazy to cook too. :P

  10. Wah! If this what we call 'Lazy'..what we call for those who cook 1 meal only.. T_T...meeeeeee.... LOL...

  11. I think that's quite lot of menus actually.. It looks good :)

  12. wah! reali jimat lolz u ! even can calculate for 4 bowls of soup !izit reali enuf? hw about if ur family wan tambah soup?

  13. looks great!

    any news on jingle bell?

  14. Well, kids must learn NOT to complain about the food served on the table - little or not, it's still food. Just thank God that there's food for everyone no matter in what quantity.

    I've to learn that too.

  15. You are not stingy...but creative!! Not only the meal is cheaper compared to eating outside...but it is HEALTHY. Not lazy maaah...good mummy and wife :)


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