Friday, March 6, 2009

All For The Love Of His Wife...

Knowing times are really bad in IPOH especially those working in the private sectors, one of my dearest friend has resorted to working TWO jobs to make ends meet.

It is not easy juggling two jobs, but being a responsible husband and father-to-be, he sweats and slogs through the heat.... all for the love of his dearest Wife....

Lahatboy, for all I know, you are a great husband....
You love your wife very much....*salute*

Lynn, submit to your husband....
He is the head of the family....

God bless both of you...

my Set A breakfast

Set C
(if i m not mistaken)

this is a special set...
for his beloved wife...

"HOU YEE" at Bandar baru, Menglembu..

Lahatboy and Lynn...
the lovely hardworking couple..

The delicious breakfast were prepared by Lahatboy, he is working hard in Hou Yee Coffeeshop in Bandar Baru, Menglembu on Saturdays till Mondays early morning at 7am-12pm ... if you happen to see him, please stop by and say hellooooooo.....


  1. Hello my friend. I got some of the opps from Blogsvertise, PPP, Socialspark.

    Blogsvertise sends me opps once in a while. In PPP, i have to be patien grabbing them :). In SS, if an opp is available for me to take, i will get it. but sometimes i have to wait for a slot.

  2. Thanks Marly for the information.. it is pretty tough out there as I can see..
    anyway, all the best to us bloggers.. haha..

  3. Yea, but when the opp starts coming grab them all :)

  4. I love eating at places like this. They have great spots like this in KL.

  5. does the husband likes his wife to be "malaman"?
    Heavy calories for breakfast, pero yummy...

  6. Haha...timing just nice, i come for breakfast liao~

  7. :( Thats the reality we are facing now..
    Your friend is really one good husband..May God bless them always..

  8. The food looks yummy specially the egg. Goodluck to the couple and I wish all the success in life.

  9. Thanks for posting this ...
    Message from JB.

  10. that is so sweet of him. his wife is really lucky to have a caring and responsible hubby. God bless both of them.

    Oh Claire, i've been so lazy bloghopping but definitely not yours.

    I've also decided to take off ping pong off Almanac. unless my ranks increase. only keep on blog with them and ops are just too rare!

  11. look delicious food slurppp....

  12. Hei, claire! thx for ur promoted.
    Really thx ur posting on ur blog.
    i really wan crying after i read 'kam dong', so warm.
    Just let me say thx to u again.

  13. haha... dont mention, lahatboy..that is the least i can do.. food is always attractive in all the blogs.. thanks to you for allowing me to post your food too.. !


Thank you, readers!

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