Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Give Or To Take?


Tonight I want to tell a STORY.. ..not real one...
a story a night will make you sleep and not count sheep.....

Here goes....

Once upon a time, there was this Man just loves to give...
God granted his wish... This Man became a generous King...

On the other hand, there was another Man who told God that he just loves taking gifts and money from others....

Well, God granted his wish too..... So... what did he become?

The man became a beggar.... (can always take ma....)
So..moral of the story :
It is always a blessing to Give than to Take...
Giving means you have more than enough... you have abundant ... you have lots to spare....
In Giving, you can make others happy... (but make sure u r also happy la)

(ok ... enough crap... going to sleep and count sheep now)


  1. Its better to give than to recieve.
    We feel happy if we help other people by heart. But I would be very much happy if the person who got help/ gift from me is helping himself not to be lazy. Not only just recieving and pretending they are needy people, but have to help themselves too not to become a beggar. sometimes our kindness would hurt us,because it might make other people abusive.It would bleed our heart.

    there is nothing wrong of giving specially if it came from our heart.

    good night and thanks fo this post claire

  2. Hi Reanaclaire, nice story, ha ha.
    It is good to give without remembering, receive without forgetting.
    And kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

    And a thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all virtues.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart. Lee.

  3. hmm...i read this somewhere yesterday...can't remember

  4. everytime i drop myself here in your blog,i am sure you will always spring a surprise or two.

    I marvell at your tenacity in writing a post on a daily basis, sometimes even two posts a day.

    take care now my friend,and happy weekend,

  5. chris...think harder...haha.. u might remember when and where u read this..

    eugene.. u r the same..i also marvel at u...u write good posts.

    weng..thanks for coming by and sharing yr view..

    U Lee... i m learning a lot from u.. yr blog is fantastic..

  6. this is a good story is always better than receiving

  7. yes, agree with you.. and the feeling is more rewarding when giving or sharing what we have..

  8. This is so true sis.. Giving is the best way of receiving. If you give it will be given to you back a hundredfold. It is the Lord's way... He opens the heavens and pours down His manifold blessings to those who generously give for His body.

  9. Hi claire. Wah, all your previous post on the foods makes my stomach so hungry. Miss all those foods at home lah.

    Take care. CY

  10. Give give :D Give and take can ar? ahaha..

  11. Thx for ths story!!! Can I ask permission to use ths story in class? ;) thx!

  12. sure Miss Matthew.. r u a teacher? i m honoured if u do use it.. haha..


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