Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies, Kids, Puppies, Shit!

With Labbie (the labrador puppy) around, I wish I have 4 hands ... 2 hands to pick up the shitty shit while the extra 2 hands to mop the floor at the same time... awwwww....

Nowadays each morning I have to wake up extra early to do all these chores... hey, when is this going to stop? Am I complaining... nawww.. I am just ranting it out.. this is what a blog is all about, right?

Young mothers take care of young babies and kids...
Old mothers like me is taking care of puppies and shit!!

eeeeehhhhheeee... no, i m not complaining... no , no...I AM SMILING... SEE ... :)


  1. whoa... u wake up extra early to do all those? i'm not a doggie person, so... i dun understand how ppl can do so much for a dog.. hahahaha.. aniwies, good for you! :)

  2. anyways... i ask for it...haha... but it is fun having labbie around..

  3. are not an old mother lah. hey, can get the kids to help out? or maybe you can start training puppy to only poo poo in her cage ;)

  4. haha...all the best. as long as she doesn't shit on the beds enough ad..hehe..

  5. here come super woman and wonder woman both in the form of Claire .

    a good form of exercise for you too i guess, and go get more puppies la

    take care now my dear friend, and the weekend is here, do drive carefully on your way up to Penang,

  6. babysit your doggie. Good la....keep you busy and occupied.

  7. Hey, u gotta start toilet-training your puppy! Start earlier the better! Like my Koji knows to do his biz in the toilet, hehe!

  8. Wow.. that is the most worrying thing about pets.. ahaha.. you really got the patience to deal with this.. ahaha.. maybe im not used to keep pets, especially dogs cos mom dun allow.. anyway, hope ur labrador will be obedient and guai guai like your 3 other children :D ahahaha..

  9. Labbie? I thot it's Jinnie? *confused* =P

    I think ur super mom la, can do so many things, definitely not old mom laaa =D


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